Every year thousands of couples get married and every time there is always something different to look for in a wedding. We simply cannot forget the biggest wedding of the year; the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in 2018. It was witnessed by millions of people all over the world with many wanting to view their style of wedding, the decorations, floral styles and colours and who could not forget the wedding dress!



With 2019 now under way, couples are now looking to the new wedding trends. Many couples are already looking for creative ways to personalise their wedding day, such as choosing a river view reception area or decorating reception area with creative decorative wedding items. Well, if you’re getting married this year, have a read of the latest wedding trends for 2019.





• Wedding Venue Trends 2019



If you’re planning to have your wedding and reception in the venue, then choose a venue with a rustic minimal feel like stripped back–barns for the wedding and have flower arch, or pretty floral table arrangements using foam roses or create a show stopping flower wall! For the evening reception, use pretty starry night sky lighting with flickering candlelights and use signage with lights can be a great choice. This year you are going to see a lot of couples renovating the traditional barn venue for their wedding. However, if you’re planning for something more different, then even using industrial spaces could be a choice and use the space as an empty canvas and really transform it into a fantastic wedding venue.



• Wedding Dress Trends 2019



Arguably one of the most important elements of a wedding is the wedding dress. Every bride deserves to look beautiful and elegant on their wedding day. After all, it’s the day when everyone will have eyes on her. One of the important things that makes a bride beautiful is her wedding dress. So, for 2019, a dress made of lace fabric will be the best choice. You can modify the design a bit like using stretch laces so that it becomes easy to wear or personalise it with knitting ornaments to make it more glorious.



• Wedding Flowers Trends 2019





There is no denying that flowers will always be a part of the wedding no matter what year it is. Flowers are needed everywhere, from walking the aisle for the bride to the tables used in the reception area. Pale pink, blush, vintage pink and taupe flowers are still a popular choice for brides. However we will see classic white blooms flowers with more use of greenery this year. Also, you will see the reception tables in 2019 weddings will be covered with rose petals and table crystals. You can view a variety of table crystals from Ashprint.



• Wedding Season 2019



It has been seen that most people prefer to get married during the summer season, however, it we may see that in 2019, couples may prefer to get married in the winter season and create that a pretty rustic winter wonderland style theme. We all know winters can be more romantic than summers. So if you’re thinking about a winter wedding read our how to plan your winter wedding in our blog section.



Here are just a few wedding trends for 2019. There are as you know so much more to consider such as the wedding car, food or decoration of a wedding venue. For ideas, view our wedding section at Ashprint to know about the latest wedding decoration trends.