Tips To Re-Plan A Postponed Wedding!

No couple ever wants to postpone their wedding, but sometimes there are situations where you have no choice but to postpone. The world is facing a pandemic attack, which has forced couples to cancel or change their wedding date putting all the months of hard planning down the drain.

Although it is difficult to know where to start re-planning your wedding especially when you've already worked so hard on fine tuning things, have faith in knowing that you will get through it. It’s all ok! Just get back to the ‘drawing board’ and plan again and create small lists/tasks and tackle each aspect of your wedding and we promise that this will help reduce your stress levels and anxiety!

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Inform the guests

Keep your guests updated with the date and what's happening about your postponed wedding. As soon as you get the information, please pass it on as they may have made arrangements like accommodation, travel etc. You can convey via email as it can be the best way to go as not everyone in your family will be on social media and someone may miss your message!

Once the news is confirmed and you have your date confirmed, then make it official. Maybe you can send out some postponed small rustic favours or favour boxes telling all the guests of the new date. This gets everyone excited again and makes you feel like things are back under control!

Don't worry if you haven't decided on the new date!

While this is nothing short of crushing news to engaged couples with weddings right around the corner, remember that it's okay to postpone without knowing when the new date will be. Many have spent months planning and putting hard work to make this big day memorable. Until we all know when we can have large gatherings again, we are certain that you friends and family will understand.

Minimal financial loss in postponing your wedding

Do check your rights and obligations and review the terms and conditions. You may have to pay a fee to postpone your wedding date. Call your vendor to know about the additional cost; they might charge if written in the contract. The critical point to see here is by postponing your wedding, you shouldn't face a financial loss, but you will face a risk that some of your preferred vendors aren't available.

Set a priority in case of vendors

When you have decided on a new date, get in touch with your vendors to confirm their availability— initiating from the photographer. Since photographers only shoot one wedding per weekend, they book up very quickly. The majority of florists, rental companies, linen vendors, bakeries, and lighting designers can handle multiple events on the same day. Still, if there's any vendor you want to drop from the list, then it's good to inform them in advance or go for faux petals and confetti, which will be a treat for the eye.

As for other vendors who can only take one event per day, are your videographer and band. Inform them of your new date soon don't push past the calendar year to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Pushing a wedding date can happen for many reasons, but this shouldn't stress what will happen with the planning. You can always look for the options for decorative pieces from Ashprint London that can help you re-plan your wedding just like you wanted.