There comes a day in every year when our friends and family make us feel special for the entire day; our birthday! I certainly get excited when it comes to celebrating my birthday, (it might because I always want to be a kid again)!





There is certainly nothing wrong in treating ourselves now and again and what best time than on our own birthday. Little things like decorating our home with flowers, unique ornaments and inviting our friends to celebrate with us will definitely make it special. However sometimes we are out of ideas or the day didn’t quite as we expected. Sometimes friends are not able to join the birthday party or may have even forgotten to wish you on your birthday. It can happen but its ok and hope that they can meet up with you soon. If you do plan to have your birthday at home with friends and family, here are some ideas that can help create it.



  • Plan the Day



If there is something that you’ve been meaning to get for yourselves for a while, why not be a little cheeky and drop hints a few weeks beforehand so that a family member could get it for your birthday! Then start out by deciding what you’re willing to do on your birthday. You certainly don’t need to break the bank and planning something at home definitely fits the bill. When planning your birthday party or gathering at home, why not treat yourself and decorate the place. Purchasing some pretty birthday decorations like a banner, balloons, tassel garlands or party tableware is enough to brighten up the place. Ideally make sure you give big hints to your partner or family members and this is something that they can easily do for you!



  • Food and Drinks



It’s just so obvious and it’s certainly not a party without food or drinks! If you enjoy cooking, then make a list of the favourite dishes you love to make for your friends and family members and enjoy! I’ll be honest though, I would prefer to purchase some light snacks and request that we order something in from my favourite restaurant. It’s your time to treat yourself and relax for one day! For drinks, why not have Presecco or make some fun simple cocktails/mocktails and keep them chilled in the fridge ready for when your guests arrive.



  • Entertainment



Why not take this opportunity to have some fun and play a few games on birthday. There are so many new fun adult games on the market that are definitely fun and sure to bring a good few laughs like Twister, Pictionary, Obama Llama, or Cards against Humanity. Games like these will absolutely create a fun, happy atmosphere with laughter non-stop!



  • Don’t Forget the Birthday Cake!



Usually, family or friends will bring or bake the birthday cake for you but why not change it up this time and maybe make your own birthday cake or purchase something that you really want this year. Make it special and decorate the cake with Diamante Cake Toppers. Why not tablescape your dining room table and decorate it with a theme or colour theme of your choice. There are so many ideas on Instgram or Pinterest which have beautiful table decoration ideas and at the same time are affordable too. There are so many ideas such as adding wooden ornaments, using wired decorations that you can decorate around the table or add inexpensive artificial foam flowers to add colour and have the added benefit of keeping the display it for months afterwards.





Make your birthday special for yourself, you certainly are worth it so take the initiative and create a fantastic birthday. Hope we’ve given some ideas on making your birthday special at your home. Please also check out the range of decorative items at Ashprint London too. Have a great birthday!