Being on a budget just means that we need to get a little ‘creative’ when throwing a birthday party, the gifts you buy and decoration for the house. Here, we have shared some tips that will help you celebrate the birthday of your special ones, even on a limited budget.



• Try to Keep it Simple



It’s not always necessary to decorate the house with expensive decorative items; you can keep the space simple just by highlighting a few areas. Sometimes, keeping it simple does all the work for you. However, if you still want to use some decorations for the birthday, then visit our decoration page for some affordable decorative items.



 Bake a Cake at Home



Let’s admit it, ordering birthday cakes are great and there are some bakers that are true artists at creating a beautiful birthday cake, but the cost of these cakes can really eat up into your budget, but if you’re willing to save some pounds then be brave and make a cake at home. In terms of cake decorations, use diamante cake toppers and other ornaments available on our site to decorate the cake. It will not only save a few pounds but also allow you to make a cake of your choice.



 Organise a Game



One of the best things that make a birthday memorable is an exciting and enjoyable game. You can’t go wrong with card games or board games but to make it interesting, plan something such as a hunt for the gem for little children or singing competition. It will keep the kids busy and also allow your guests to enjoy the party, or if your budget can stretch, book a bouncy castle; it’s hours of fun for kids and big kids too!



• Take Unlimited Photos



With so many of us owning a smart phone, it’s so easy to capture those enjoyable moments in photos. So, take advantage of your camera phones and click as many pictures as you can. Try to catch random moments when your kids are playing, or your guests are dancing. Photos are the most valuable thing that this digital generation has offered to us, so make every moment count!



• Give Favours



If you’re inviting guests to the party, they all will bring something for the birthday boy or girl, so when they are leaving we tend to gift something back. A piece of the birthday cake would suffice (if it hasn’t already been eaten!), or you can give favours like scented candles, sweets or chocolates like heart-shaped chocolates or small stationery packed in organza favour bags or a small toy or two. Believe me, your guests will feel happy when they leave with a favour!



Considering the above tips, you can make a birthday special even with the smallest of budgets. Spend your budget wisely and you’ll be able to please the birthday person as well as the guests!