Gifts are always a great way to show your appreciation, love or affection towards your friends, family or loved ones. It is a way to represent how much you care about that person. There is an infinite number of gifts available in the market that you can give to that special person, such as something small like luxury handmade chocolates, a book from their favourite author or even just their favourite flavoured cupcake from their favourite bakery! However if you have a reasonable budget, you can also give expensive gifts like jewellery, designer clothing or vouchers to a theatre show or musical that they’ve been talking about for ages!





But, one thing that most people often forget while gift giving is preparing the gift box. Building a gift box is an essential part of gift giving as it represents your present and creates that element of surprise! So, here are some vital steps to build your gift box.



 Decide the Box Colour



Gift boxes are often available in many colours but white or brown craft style boxes are on trend right now. When thinking about the box colour, you might even want to find a colour that is their favourite colour. There are so many box sizes available from hamper style boxes or rustic cardboard trays that are great to group small or large gifts together, rectangular box and lids for day trip vouchers or events that you’ve planned for them, to small boxes for gifts such as jewellery. Decide that colour and or if you just can’t decide, just keep it plain and neutral.



 Add Design to the Box



You can add some simple designs to your gift box to make it more attractive. You can use a marker to write something special on the box or a special message on top. Use your creativity and we’re sure the designs will be flow! Or better yet try using different embellishments or self adhesive hearts or diamantes.



 Wrap it in a Unique Way



After adding your designs or captions on the box, place your gift inside it and wrap it in a unique way. What you can do is cover the one-third part of the box with colourful paper. Use satin ribbon to cover the remaining portion of the box together in a beautiful bow. You can also give it a layered look by using small pieces of wrapping paper around the box or combine different ribbons together such as hessian ribbon with grosgrain ribbon.



 Use Ornaments around the Ribbon



Once the wrapping of gift box is done, you can stick some ornaments around the ribbon. Try using decorations that match the gift-wrapping paper if you can. As an ornament, you can use diamond heart shapes, floral, etc. You can secure the ornaments with little glue to make sure that they don’t fall when you hand over the gift.



 Personalise the Packing



The gift in your box is imprinted by a brand name but what about the person who is receiving it. So maybe personalise the gift wrapping for the receiver. You can attach an item, or use self adhesive letters to help personalise their name, or a handwritten card on the gift box. A small note with a gift can sometimes change things.





We hope we have given you some useful tips! Browse our Ashprint London website and view a variety of gift boxes and ribbon to help build your gift box.