Are you looking for fun gift wrap ideas for birthdays, new baby or even giving a special gift during special times of the year like Easter? If so, read on and let us help you give you some fun inspiration!



The thrill of receiving a gift is exciting and when it is all gift wrapped up, it really does add to the excitement! There is nothing that matches the excitement of Valentine’s Day or Christmas gifts all wrapped up in an attractive package and wondering, ‘What could be in there?’





There are so many gift wrapping styles as well as endless designs of gift wrapping paper and ribbon available but what if you wanted to create something a little different this time? Create something original that would make that gift look extra special and we promise that that gift will be remembered and treasured for a long time. As you’ve set the bar so high, the only downside will be is that they will look forward to your amazing wrapping and may expect something original from you.



Give it a try! You only need to purchase a few small items from a DIY store or your local craft shop to create some fun and original gift wrap.



Fabric Flower Petal



Instead of using a classic bow to top things off, use a Fabric Rose Petals or Satin Rose Petals to put a great finishing touch to the wrapping. These not only look elegant but also shows that you have put efforts into the gift.



Use crafty objects



You don’t always have to purchase lots of items at the craft store to embellish gifts for birthdays or for gifts wrapped under your tree at Christmas. Consider using some unique ideas instead such as costume jewellery, an small evergreen wreath, or even pretty paper scraps. You can reuse items from the house such as magazine clippings or paint your own design on white paper and wrap around the gift. This would be ideal for someone you wants to save some money as well is more conscious about be greener and recycling.



Use ribbons for decoration



Ribbons are a great idea to add joy to any wrapping. To create it, you can use old magazines and colourful newspaper clippings. Just follow the directives to wrap it around the gift and use a stapler at the end.



Fabric Gift Pouch



Creating your own gift pouch out of cotton fabric is a simple yet elegant way to wrap up a gift. Purchase a design from a fat quarter bundle and sew a pretty cotton pouch. Add some bright coloured string to complete and you’re ready to gift someone a gift in a pretty cotton gift pouch that you’ve created yourself! These gift pouches are more than likely to be kept and reused so people will always treasure your gift bags.



DIY Hand-Lettered Gift Wrapping



Nothing expresses love and care like a handwritten note. Creating something like this will definitely make them feel special and genuinely show your feelings towards them.



Something created with your own hands will always make anyone feel special. One good way is to create a handwritten note on twill tape to let the recipient know that you’ve put efforts in every detail.



The best thing about these gift-wrapping ideas is that you can gift them to the people who are closest to you. But even beyond that, it’s a great way to get your own thoughts going and enjoy every part of the gift-giving experience.



Planning a surprise for anyone is always special; you put in the effort and the receiver will always treasure that gift and moment in their hearts forever. Money can buy you the gift but with a little effort, it will make that gift priceless.



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