Whenever there is a festive season around everyone gets absorbed in decorating their houses and the neighborhood. Decorating is a fun-filled activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family. It’s time well spent. Ribbons are the most common piece of decorative materials that are used to create beautiful items. It is readily available at any supermarket or an online store. Using a Satin Ribbon further enhances the beauty f the decorated piece or creation. It is the cheapest material that can be used to create stunning and vibrant decorations as it is available in multiple colors as well. It can either be used in its simplest form as is or can be crafted into beautiful creations. Floral designs, guestbook page older, invitation cards, gift decorative cut-outs etc. are some of the items that can be created using satin ribbon.





Working with satin ribbons can be a fun activity that kids love to do. Below are some of the artistic creations that you can design by using satin ribbons:



  • Bowtie design: A quick way to create a decoration using a satin ribbon is to create bows. You can use a double sided satin or a grosgrain ribbon with an adhesive to make the bows. These bows can be used to decorate gift items or as a part of a themed decoration. You can make these bows yourself or buy from the readily available stock online.



  • Floral decorations: If you are an art enthusiast then you can create flower designs by using the satin ribbons. By simple folding and cross attaching ribbon sections, a flower can be created. These flowers can be a good decorative item for Christmas or birthday celebrations. Even an entire bouquet can be made by using grosgrain ribbons. You can buy these readymade ribbon bouquets from many online stores as well.



  • Ribbon-bedecked lamps: Vertical paper lamps are used a lot to decorate during festive seasons. The satin ribbons can be used to decorate these lamps to give them a vibrant look. Hanging theses paper lanterns covered with colorful ribbons from the ceiling will give a stunning look to your decoration theme. Making these lanterns at home is very simple.



  • Wall gimps: You can glue the satin ribbon grimps directly on the wall to give it an aesthetic or a vibrant look. Ribbon gimps go well with painted, fabric covered or wallpapered walls. This is the easiest decoration that you can make with the help of ribbons.



  • Ribbon Chandelier: The ribbon chandeliers are very inexpensive and easy to make. By using multi-colored ribbons, you can create artistic designs and hang them in your house. These designs will enhance the look of the decoration style that you want to achieve.



These are some of the decorative items that you can make using satin ribbons. It is inexpensive and easy to work with material that is extensively used in decorations all the time. A lot of these items are readily available in markets as well. You can purchase them directly or enjoy making them with your family. Happy Decorating!