We all love parties!



Is the cost of entertainment stopping you from throwing a house party?



Well, let this article guide you about how you can throw a fabulous party without overdoing your budget. These fun and cheap party decorating ideas will make you a good host and you can even afford all the extras you want at your party.





Take a look!



Backyard is a good option



A perfect party can be organised in your garden surrounded with your plants making a natural beauty event setup. You won’t need too many extra props to make your garden look party ready. Add fun coloured bunting decorations, maybe create your own bunting using decorative satin ribbon or pretty twinkle lights draped around trees or larger plants to give soft lighting for the evening. Create seating arrangements with chairs or large pillows, arrange a place for guests place drinks and food. Drape a pretty cloth on top of tables, add a rustic arrangement of home grown flowers to vases, add wooden decorations, candles or other small table top decorations to add as pretty features to the table. If you have space, why not even open up a tent and add soft furnishings inside as well as arranging decorations outside of it too.



Balloons for pop



When there’s a party, balloons are right up there on the list of things to purchase. They are inexpensive products that can brighten up a place and help create a fun, playful garden feature. The current trend are balloon arches which look pretty and definitely make a statement as there are new colour shades and designs available. Choose colours that are bright, which will help bring a youthful summer look to the party. There are also much larger round balloons that you can attach colourful ribbons to and hang them from branches, attach them against walls or fences or if there are not filled with helium, they can be scattered around the floor – use them in whatever ways you like.



Use candles



If you are planning an intimate garden party from the early evening onwards, using candles will create soft lighting and even hide the lack of decorations. Choose candles of different heights and sizes as per your space or place them in glass lanterns and line them up on your garden path. Use candles around tables and food areas too. The ambiance created by this will surely give a relaxed party feel.



Colours for every mood



Bright colours will certainly give a shock to the senses when guests arrive or use subtle, softer shades for a relaxed feel. Add bright coloured paper partyware everywhere as these can be used as decoration for a party without spending big bucks. Maybe try using different coloured ribbons of your choice and attached around table or chairs and create something out of it that’ll give summer party vibes.



Keep it casual



You don’t always need a dining table with seating when the floor can be a perfectly good option. Create a casual and intimate atmosphere by creating a party space with a lowered table, floor pillows and pretty blankets. This party is perfect for cocktails or small food gatherings and simply add small decorations to the table.



Keep it natural



Being natural is beautiful!



It is easy and inexpensive, just tidy up the garden flower beds and the natural look will bloom. A simple table top can be complemented with rustic décor like wooden serving dishes on top of a hessian table cloths. Serve finger foods or barbeque dishes on round wooden blocks/stands, use small wicker baskets to add serviettes and cutlery to and have single flowers or a small bouquet in a small glass vase or jar to complete the look.



Food of course is a major part of your party so once you’ve decided on what to serve, you’re ready to focus on your guests and make them feel welcome. This warm welcome and the good ambiance will surely set your party off with a great start!