Autumn is well and truly here with the change of colours within the scenery and by the end of the month Halloween will be here. After Halloween, everyone soon looks to Christmas. With the festive season weeks away, many really do look forward to this time. Christmas is that time for family and celebrating with close friends and family. If you can believe it, there are some who have already started their preparations for Christmas! Many really do put a lot of time and effort in making Christmas as special as possible. A lot of thought goes into decorations inside and outside the house, planning days out, planning for those days at home and food! It really is a special time of the year





Budget for the celebration



For some, keeping to budget this Christmas will be important. We all want to get our money’s worth but the good thing is that with the festive season still weeks away, there is enough time to browse and decide what you want and need this Christmas.



Be it buying gift boxes or any decorative item – make a list of everything you want for the festivity. You can purchase gifts all year in small chunks, and this can save a lot of amount monthly. Do this one year, and you’ll realize the difference in the money you save and also the time you get to decide the presents for your loved ones. Apart from this, you can even put a small amount of money every month for the budget and this will allow you to have a healthy pot at the end. This could turn out to be the best holiday preparation as you’ll know what money you have to spend this Christmas.



Other things that could help this Christmas could be things like creating your hamper for family, friends or even as a corporate gift is great. Hamper trays made of cardboard are available and you can add as many items as you wish and finish of with cello wrap and a beautiful big ribbon bow!



Set a Christmas Theme



This is optional, but if you are willing, then this can interest you. Choose a theme that you can carry from wrapping your presents and Christmas cards & envelopes to the decor. Browse through multiple catalogues and choose according to the festive vibes you are having this year.



Christmas Cards



Sending Christmas cards is a valuable part of the festivity as it is a time that we can remember and connect with family or friends that may live much further away. Make a list of people you want to send the Christmas cards to this year and with the beauty of technology, there are websites that you can write your own personal message and they can print the design and message and get your Christmas cards delivered online. However, for the close family members why not add a personal touch and make the cards by yourself. The kids will surely love it and family members will absolutely adore receiving a beautifully handmade decorated Christmas cards from them. You can either make it by using the A4 Glitter Cards & craft foam pads or check out other craft supplies such as embellishments, washi tapes and more from



The décor



You probably already have a lot of Christmas décor from previous years but changing the décor slightly for example by changing the colour theme will be a lovely change. Hanging decorations on the tree or having 2 colours for wrapped presents with satin ribbon or any other decorative ribbon under the tree can be enough. Colours that are on trend this season are deep reds, golds, teal as well as the traditional colours such as greens, reds, silver and gold. Shops are already showcasing their Christmas decoration ranges so make a list and view what’s available.



Create a wish list



Create a wishlist for the things you need at Ashprint London and ask family members to buy off from it for you. Whenever you decide on the items you need, add it to the wish list and it will help you have a list of the items you would like.



So, you are all prepared to rock Christmas and all these steps will help you keep track of the budget without missing anything.



Happy Holidays!