Do you want to surprise your kids with an arts & crafts theme party at home?



If your child really enjoys getting their hands by making something with different papers, cards and tapes, then a craft theme party is the perfect way to rejoice your little artist’s birthday!





The ideas for a craft making birthday party are endless. It can focus on creating a papercrafts or even treat the guests to numerous fun art creations using different paints or pens to craft projects that will amuse the kids like homemade slime making, sewing or junk modelling. Look for extra details that will help you give that finishing touch to your event as there are numerous ideas around which you can use to accomplish this.



Craft Ideas to Consider



Now for my daughter, she would have a slime making party in a heartbeat and use different materials inside to create different slimes for example foam balls, beads, foam or different glitter. If you’re not a slime fan, then try out air drying clay modelling, make knitted or crocheted animals, decorate kraft jewellery boxes or make or design your own kite. Consider doing a couple of different crafts or single craft that can be modified by the kids according to their skills.



If you have a boy then ask them to create their own wands, house tie or cloak if they are Harry Potter fans. The are so many ideas and so many varieties of supplies to choose from. Just choose options that your kid and their friends will enjoy. If stuck for ideas, children do love to paint, so purchase them the required stationery such as paints, brushes and canvases and let them unleash their creativity. I would suggest outside in the garden or it could get very messy!



Supplies List



The options for a craft theme party are endless. However, the factors in selecting the items depend on the thing you required to make it. Once the decision is made, make a list of supplies and ensure that they are enough for each guest. Make a list of what can be used individually and what can be shared like paints, brushes, trays, washi tapes or craft foam pads. This will make everything easy.



Try making it yourself first



Crafts look simple as the videos and instruction books show. But once you initiate the process, it may seem a little complicated (depending on the age) or get too messy. It is better to discover any pitfalls before the party and not while everyone is having fun at the party.



It’s an excellent way to find out if a project that seemed like a great idea could be a total fail at the party. For example, if the glue takes too long to dry, kids may not be able to complete it in time at the end of the party to take it home. That would be a let-down, so making a sample craft is worth the time to guarantee a successful party.






Decorating with flowers and ribbons are always a simple and fun way for the birthday party décor. Flowers and ribbons can have crafts added to them to make it up in a crafty style. Use glitters or flowers on sheets to turn them anything from abstract to adorable items.



Use handmade paper banner for birthdays and food signs to give the whole party an arts and crafts vibes.



Arrange food and extra activities and add the fun of craft to everything you are using for the party. Maybe even have a tea party while the craft items are put aside to dry or placed in favour gift bags.



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