Do you want to make your wedding planning simple?



Planning a wedding is stressful so cutting things down to lists will definitely help make things easier to manage. Today minimal décor is the major wedding trend and we all believe that beauty lies in simplicity.




You may think you need centrepieces or floral chandeliers with lighting, but a minimal touch is enough to make a wedding elegant and classy. Without the fuss, there is nothing to divert from the substances that remain, allowing them to stand out that gives them more meaning.



A minimalist wedding will have a few common styles – choosing a colour you have the simplicity that features a lot of white with a twang of lush greenery, and you have modern simplicity, where urban joins rustic. The contemporary simplicity loves to play with shapes and geometry, and romantic one is with delicate linen or stylish calligraphy for wedding table or anything else.



All these ideas can be used if you want a simple and elegant wedding; take a look at other options here.



Table décor



Two green vines crawling at the wall near the dining table will make a bold statement, serving as the sole backdrop for the bridal party and whole reception.



You can try minimalist wedding table crystals with white blooms placed into basic sheer chic wedding centrepieces of branches and white hydrangeas along with candle lanterns. However, a chic gold vase with a lone succulent is a trendy idea for a minimalist wedding centrepiece.



Wedding ceremony space



The wedding altar is the most important space and it has to be true to you. You can choose between numerous options like a giant greenery wedding garland, or a pretty flower wall behind you, sheer chairs, and candles lining up the aisle or space with bright chairs and Real Flower Confetti for creating an altar. Isn’t this décor elegant?



However, a pure white wedding arch adorned with lush foliage would be an instant sophisticated idea too. For modern décor consider a square arch and bulging organics on a prearranged platform make for an elegant altar.



Minimalist Wedding Cakes



Give your wedding a natural muted feel with a gorgeous white buttercream wedding cake either topped with a single twig, gilded berries, foliage simple calligraphy or diamante cake topper on top. The simplest wedding cake with unnecessary décor removed will make the cake stand out effectively. You can go for a white wedding cake with a plaid pattern and white blooms to compliment the wedding theme or choose a sleek white wedding cake topped with a gold wire topper for a minimalist wedding. A white textural creamy wedding cake with white blooms and greenery is also a perfect choice for the wedding.



For a coastal wedding theme, choose a wedding cake in white decorated with blue edible pearls and a pearl in a shell on top.



This doesn’t mean that the cake cannot have fantastic or even unusual flavours on each layer such as lemon and poppy seed, pink champagne with chocolate buttercream, coconut with passionfruit curd or chocolate with salted caramel to think of a few.



Be it the table décor or the food you choose, make sure the theme and decorations align and select the wedding stationery accordingly; choose twigs or branches to give a feel of nature or go for minimalist elegant décor items from to complete your wedding décor.