What do you give your dad when he has absolutely everything he needs and wants! It’s so hard to gift him anything although I totally understand that my dad doesn’t need much, mainly because he’s minimalistic and because he uses everything so well until it breaks or has worn out.



I’ve bought gifts like socks, bows and ties, slippers, expensive wine presented in wine boxes, different kinds of drinking mugs, aftershave, and other men’s toiletries and even brunch at his favourite restaurant. I’ve tried to vary it each year depending on my time constraints and what my sister has purchased too.



However, I feel like I’m running out of ideas! My dad recently commented that although he does appreciate the gifts we give him, he doesn’t need anything from us on the day; he just wants to spend the day with us, especially as our lives are busy with work and kids. He just simply wants to spend time with us.



So, this year I have decided that my sister and I are going to make an awesome lunch at home! My sister is going to prepare the lunch, so we have decided on making a couple of his favourite dishes with a delicious dessert and I’ve decided that I’m going to decorate the room and table!



It might be that I’m taking the easy route out and left the hard work to my younger sister, but she was happy to prepare lunch this time. I have so many ideas on how to dress the table but I’m going to keep the theme simple yet something that my father would totally appreciate. The theme I have decided on is outdoors as my dad just loves being in the garden tending to his flowers and going for walks at our local country park.





For the table, I’ve got some fake grass which will be used as a table runner and add some flowers to the table. I’ll be using milk heart chocolates in favour boxes as a treat for later. My sister is planning on making macaroons but if that fails, we’ll add some themed cupcake boxes to add chocolate cupcakes to the table.



I’m going to use bunting and make some table decorations using satin ribbons, tissue paper and some hessian string. Finally, I’ll ask my daughter to use some glitter card and kraft card to make a lovely Father’s Day card for him on behalf of us too! Now let’s hope my sister doesn’t burn the lunch!