Are you looking for floral wedding arrangements?
You have various choices for floral wedding arrangements, like boutonnieres, bouquets, and centrepieces, but it seems that many face difficulties when it comes to using flowers on the D-day.
We have compiled for you various ways to use flowers for the wedding – it could be for aisles to table decor.
Using Single Flowers are an adorable way to adapt to your wedding by giving your vision life, although the initial step is understanding what you need and if it fits your wedding budget. Take a look at the list!
Floral Aisle Markers
A floral lined aisle with trees with satin rose petals will look like they're directly out of Wonderland is something unique. If your choice is the all-white or neutral colour scheme, then you can choose to play around more with the colour of your flowers. Try to mix and match the colours.
This miniature is a floral pin worn on a tuxedo lapel or suit. Wedding boutonnieres are made of one or two small flowers and may even have decorative accents like berries or greenery. They are for the groom, groomsmen, father of the groom, father of the bride, and the ring bearer. Use artificial foam flowers to make this.
Petal Carpet

Do you find anything more romantic than a trail of fabric rose petals leading to your altar? The petals can be arranged in a general pattern or scattered on the floor for a natural look.

Floral Wreath

Small wreaths and floral hoops are usually displayed as ornamental accents above the altar or table, or are paired with entryways like gates and doors. The oversized floral wreaths were in fashion - Couples even asked wedding florists to make life-sized wreaths to use in ceremony or reception backdrops, for a wow result.
Floating Flowers
Flower floating on an abundant water landscape and surrounded by candles and flower arrangements are elegant. If your venue has a pond or pool, then getting creative can yield great results. Use artificial foam flowers or petals and confetti for a jaw-dropping aesthetic.
Flower wall
An overall arrangement of greenery and colour-coordinated flowers can set the scene for adorable and incredible ceremony photos. The wall will have an urban contrast along with crystal chandeliers.
Flower Crown
Flower crowns look good, and girls especially love these halos of flowers around their heads. These pretty crowns can be made at home using floral petals from Ashprint London for flower girls and wedding attendants. These have also been a favourite for free-spirited and ethereal brides over several years. To get the updated look, go for the flower crown made with one type of bloom.
Weddings are unique, and everything used for the decoration should be of high-quality. You can go for real flowers or choose artificial like a paper rose petals from our website. Be it the real or artificial ones, creatively using them will make no difference to the elegance and style you want to add to your wedding.