The wedding altar or stage is the centre attraction for all guests at every wedding all around the world. Be it a simple elegant wedding, or an extravagant industrial chic wedding, the altar/stage is a very important component where the couple declares their love for each other and says their “I dos” as well as receiving their blessings as they embark on their new life together. The décor at the altar or stage holds an essential role when it comes to setting the tone for the entire wedding. We have seen a lot of wedding altar décor trends in the past few years and these trends have set a certain standard for weddings today.





Take a look at some of the best altar/stage decorations ideas that can complement with the kind of theme you are planning for your wedding.



White Drape Décor



This delicate style creates a story that showcases the raw and natural elements of any wedding. It simply focuses on how the décor is simple and radiant yet creates a dramatic effect without having to use too many materials. Go for either real flower confetti or paper rose confetti scattered around the altar or aisle as it will look spectacular with the white drape décor. When choosing flowers, consider artificial flowers as well as real flowers. There are so many artificial flowers and colourfast foam roses available, that you can create your altar design way in advance. When choosing flowers, choose white or even light colours that complement the theme of the wedding.



Floating Flower Décor



Who doesn’t like flowers?



Creating a nature woodland look around the altar has been a huge trend recently. Floating flowers or draping flowers around and over the altar looks absolutely stunning and it would look breath-taking if it was completely adorned with flowers. Complete the look by covering the altar floor with petals. If you don’t want to use real flower petals, then choose fabric rose petals which will help give the altar a stunning effect and help keep you in budget.



Blush Pink Décor



If you are someone who adores softer shades and wants a wedding with pink tones, then a blush pink or pale pink altar/stage décor is a perfect choice for you. Pink and different shades of pink has been very popular in the recent years when it comes to weddings. Soft shades of pink like blush pink, pale pink, antique pink, salmon pink and even fuchsia are colours that brides have used as a theme colour for their wedding.



To tie in the colour throughout the rest of the wedding, a blush pink or your chosen shade can be added to the wedding table as flowers or flowerwalls, dinnerware, the wedding cake or even the favour gift bag you give to your guests. To give it a classy look, think about adding rose gold to vases, centrepieces or small items such as napkin holders. Flowers such as pink peonies, or pink and white roses are eye catching if you are planning to have flowers at your reception tables.



Pastel Colour Décor



There is so much choice nowadays when choosing pastel colour décor items. Pastel colours are so attractive as it adds a fabulous feel with its gentle tones and helps explain why these colours are chosen for décor and as a wedding colour theme. Pastels like cream, pink, lilac, mint, sage, soft pink, peach and dusty mauve are soft colours and make the surroundings romantic. To create this think about adding a cream lace table runner to the main table or all tables. The delicate and intricate design in the embroidery as well as adding pastel toned flowers, vases, candles will make it a perfect choice. For an evening reception, add pretty lights around the altar to create that dreamy feel to the ceremony as it will definitely catch everyone’s attention!



Weddings are not easy; one has to make several arrangements, and keeping them on point is no less than a Herculean task. The altar is something that will set the tone for the rest of the wedding décor so take your time to choose the design. Other tasks such as invitations, flowers, lights, guest books, favour gifts, centrepieces, wedding wishes and tags will all fall into place, although right now it can all feel like a hard task to manage. Just take a deep breath, make that list and enjoy the journey! We at Ashprint London, understand what a mammoth task a wedding can be, as it’s so important to you so let us help you provide wedding decoration supplies and create the perfect wedding you always wanted.