Do you remember eating all those fun penny sweets and confectionery during your own childhood?

I certainly do! Nothing was more joyful than seeing all those colourful jars filled with sweets and being mesmerised by all the choice that was available. Now that we are adults and are more aware of diets and exercise routines to keep fit and healthy, we do try limit all our sweets and chocolates (we try at least!), but if you are having an engagement, christening, wedding or a milestone party, you shouldn’t be devoid of giving your guests a sugary delight as a treat. Candy buffets will give your guests their sugar fix, and this will take the stress of a fancy dessert.

At Ashprint London we have a vast collection of chocolates that can be added to wedding tables or your candy buffet bar.

What colours can be in my candy buffet?

The first thing you have to decide on the candy buffet is the colour scheme. Ashprint has chocolates and sweets in lots of colours that help in the colour scheme. If you aren’t sure about the colour, then go monochromatic; it looks sophisticated and can be fun and playful when using a brighter hue. Some other colour choices include black and white for formal or adult soirees, rainbow for a kid’s party, pastels for a get-together in spring or early summer, and saturated colours for a buffet. You can look for chocolate dragees and sugared almonds for the event from our website.

What to include?

You can include sweets in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. Choose from and buy at least eight ounces of candy per guest. Lollipops can be one per guest, and for the most cost-effective solution, try to buy the sweets in bulk from us.

You can use

• Gummy sweets
• Lollipops
• Foil-wrapped chocolates (filler)
• Penny sweets like fizzy cola bottles, foam bananas or sour ropes
• Candy-coated chocolate gems
• Rock candy
• Bubblegum balls
• Twisted marshmallows
• Tiny Sweets

What can I do for my candy buffet?

Candy buffets look great with bowls, jars, and trays with different sizes. It means you can use display ware and materials from home.

A sturdy table – It’ll be suitable for the weight of display ware and candies.

Tablecloth – Go for a tablecloth bigger than your table and choose one that matches your candy, or you can keep it neutral with white.

Backdrop - A simple backdrop is necessary because it will be behind the jars and bowls. Coordinate colours, and you can even use embellishments, balloons, paper lanterns, balloons, banners or even your favourite paintings and posters.

Pedestals - It can be used to elevate a display ware and add dimension to the table. Use an inverted box, book, brick, or dishware and cover it with your tablecloth, so it’s not visible.

How do I decorate?

Include extras if you want. Ashprint London has confetti, ribbons, garlands, and everything decorative items to make a good addition to the table. However, we would go for less is more, and suggest some finishing touch.

If the candy buffet is for someone special, feature their name in foam letters and use colourful candies with them. For a perfect centrepiece to your sideboard, try our Foil Wrapped Milk Chocolate
Hearts in various colours.

We hope you feel inspired!