Be it the holiday or Wedding Season, make and create your own DIY creations from craft items that are easily made available. Regular trips to the fabric store may have inspired you but may have left you confused. You may have seen lots of amazing DIY ideas that you could create but need to figure out the best way to use your impulse purchases.

You can choose between soft tulles and/or some stylish deco web fabrics because they are vibrant. Rather than letting them go unused, know how you can use deco web and tulle for your home.

Deco Web is a thicker and malleable web fabric. It is a more visible web pattern that has thicker threads and larger openings. Deco web comes in various colours and can be bought on

Deco Web uses:


Wreaths are popular as you can decorate your front door for lots of occasions such as a birthday party, engagements or Easter using twigs, ribbons such as satin or tartan ribbon and other textured ribbon as well as deco web ribbon. Deco Web is durable, malleable, and vibrant and they are the perfect fabric to use for wreath making as they frequently appear on the front doors during the Christmas holidays.


Deco Web Ribbon from our website is often used as ornamental ribbons, which can be used to enhance wreaths, wrap gifts, embellish your decor and much more.

Tulle is extra-fine netting, which is typically made of rayon, silk, or nylon and is usually light-weight. The fabric is transparent due to the fineness of threads from the woven. It comes in various colours and the colours will only show well if layered. Tulle is less water-resistant as compared to the deco web and uses more in garments or indoor accents.

Tulle Uses:


This fabric is used in the clothing of all sorts for its effortless air and light mood.


You can make garb of ballerinas from this beautiful fabric.

Floral Accents

You can even wrap the Scalloped Edge Cristal Organza Tulle - Lilac from Ashprint around the bouquet and flower arrangements at the wedding.


Tulle can be used to create the see-through and sexy aesthetic in lingerie, and are embellished to make lace fabrics.

Wedding Apparel

Tulle is usually used in bridal gowns, bridal veils, flower girl and bridesmaid dresses.


Tulle can be termed as romantic fabric and is ideal for wedding décor.

Flower girl Crown

An essential part of any wedding is the flower girls’ crown. A crown can make any girl feel like a princess on this special day and if arranged right it can match the bride’s wedding theme. This crown can also complete the look in wedding photos for your flower girls.

Table and Chair Decor

This romantic fabric can make anyone feel like they’re floating on the romance cloud. Dress the table and chair or use the fabric to tie the dining area together.

Ashprint London has a variety of Deco Web and Tulle. Tulle provides layering and draping; on the other hand, Deco Web is versatile and malleable fabric and can be used better for crafting as it gives long-term shape-holding.