Know How To Make A Birthday Special Amid Lockdown!

Does your birthday fall in the lockdown period? Are you’re worried about how to make it special this time? Don’t worry; we have plenty of ideas for you.

Many people are thinking about how they can make their birthday special during this crisis. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything, as we are here to help you. We are in tough times but there’s a solution to everything and celebrating birthdays during lockdown is becoming quite the norm now. Although it did has made us feel a bit down, it’s also encouraged us to get creative. We have come up with ideas to help you to have the best birthday, including decorations and celebrations.

Have a virtual house party

We have many options in apps when it comes to video conferencing. Select one and do a virtual meet-up with your closest friends on your birthday. It has been the recent hit, and many are organising a virtual house party to help make them feel close.

It gives you a space to chat and hang out with your friends, and you don’t even have to do much for it. Decorate with embellishments and party decorations like balloons and garlands around the area that will be visible and bring some food and drink for yourself to enjoy the time with your friends. You can even choose to share your screen with the people on your call, as it’ll be super easy to watch programs together as you celebrate.

Dress up for yourself

Due to the current situation, many haven’t dressed up for a while so now is the time you can do it. Getting all dressed up for no reason wasn’t essential to do during the lockdown; lounge clothes and gym clothes have been the go-to clothing in many households!

So, use this time to have a pamper session; indulge in doing your hair and make-up, put your favourite outfit and enjoy looking and feeling great.

Make a special card

Before lockdown, a lot of us just didn’t have time and were so busy that sometimes the quickest and easiest thing to do was to purchase a birthday card from your local store.  However, in this current situation, cards are something simple and a friendly message will surely make a difference.  Designing or crafting your own personalised birthday card for a close family member or friend will definitely be therapeutic for you and a special surprise for your recipient

Ashprint London has a great selection of cards with colours and designs like A4 Glitter Card, which you can use to craft and decorate a card by yourself and send them to your friends for a more personal touch. The handmade card will surely impress your friend and they’ll feel close to you.

Send them a personalised gift

The shops are closed, but you can still send a personalised gift to them, which makes the birthday unique for your loved ones. Select something online along with a gifting option and get it delivered straight to their door. Choose something that interests the, and they would like to have in this lockdown time.

Make something at home

Not seeing your friends and enjoying your special day with them is the worst in this lockdown. So, why not do something special for your friend? Bake some cupcakes or the main cake if you can and drop it to their door.  It will be a great way to show love and importance to your friends during this time.

I don’t think anyone could have imagined how different our lives have become in recent times but we are certainly hopeful that it will get better in the near future.  Ashprint London is open for orders and are delivering again so you can make birthdays and other events special.

Above all, stay safe and well and we are sure birthdays will be celebrated in a big way next year!