Are you planning a rustic wedding?



Planning a wedding is no easy task. From the wedding dress to the wedding decorations and everything in between, planning the can be a daunting task.





Weddings can be done in any way today, and there’s no harm in doing some DIY. Moreover, DIY has become extremely popular, and people use it not only to save some money but also show extra effort to make the wedding look beautiful and natural.



A rustic wedding is a trend these days, and many prefer to have an outdoor wedding rather than doing all the celebrations indoor. A rustic wedding can involve a lot of nature-inspired elements, petals and confetti, and DIY, which are beautiful to eyes and add a natural element to the wedding.



For brides who are looking for something rustic and natural with a vintage twist can consider these tips to be helpful. Each rustic wedding DIY here is stunning, and they’re so easy to include in your big day celebration.



Wooden Crate Cake Stand



The wedding cake is always the centre of attraction. For a rustic wedding theme, why don’t you display the cake with a beautiful wooden crate?



You can use those wine crates and wooden boxes as a cake stand at your wedding. It’ll look like a beautiful rustic assortment of wine crates and wooden boxes. However, make sure they are incredibly stable as no one would love to have a smashed cake.



Mr. & Mrs. Frames



Wedding names in frames – a popular and common frame we all love.



The frames with wedding names and wedding date are beautifully designed and created just for you. Each name is printed and supplied in its own black frame and comes with a matching wedding card and envelope. Include it in your wedding décor, and you can even put them near table crystals.



Artistic Blooms



Put a single stem of fern fronds or a heavy bloom inside a vintage apothecary bottle and put it as a statement centrepiece. Did you like it?



You can add anything like allium, which will add plenty of texture. Put it in the centre of the dessert table – this will make the decoration look more rustic and beautiful. You can even consider satin rose petals for more authentic decoration.



The Overhead Decor



It's enticing to focus all your attention on decking out the tables and anything at eye level. But when it comes to decorations, don't forget to look up.



Put twinkle lights and glass orbs from the beams to create ambiance or go for the flower decorations or crystal tulle to go with the rustic theme wedding.



Delicious Dessert Spread



Do you want to have your special moment only cutting the cake?



Along with fancy desserts, your guests will love to grab and go goodies. Arrange the dessert on elegant cake plates and include colourful sweets that are soothing to eyes and even taste buds.



Add an extra special touch to your guests by giving some pretty favour gift bags out of burlap and lace on a roll as a return gift. It is time consuming to make such a large number of them, but it is worth it when your guests see them.