Incredible Father's Day Ideas To Celebrate The Day!

As we all are stuck in the pandemic, everything has been cancelled from weddings to Friday nights and gathering with our loved ones. Although the plans have been old, we can still make unique gestures that can make any special occasion for your loved ones. Father's day is the next big and special occasion we all are waiting for.

Father's Day is around the corner, and we can't go out for a big celebration. So, let's try to enjoy this beautiful day with some unique ideas. Beautiful weather, daily gin, and tonics and some unique decorations will surely make your father happy.

Some of the things to try for Father's Day!

Sweet Treats

If your father has a sweet tooth, then surprise him with some sweet treats that he would surely cherish. Make his favourite dessert or chocolates at home and give him the best gift ever. You can customize the treats accordingly that'll surely surprise him, and he'll be proud of you. You can also order Chocolate Drapes and other confectionery from if you are not into making confectioneries.

Go for a walk

Exercise is an important thing, and during the lockdown, it is essential to get out for some exercise every day. So, currently, if you aren't living with your father, then it is a good idea to trek through the great outdoors. Maintaining the social distancing and meeting people can still happen in lockdown; take your dad to a beautiful countryside spot and explore nature on this occasion.


Wines for a special occasion are mandatory, and sharing a glass with your father is an excuse to have a jolly time with him. As the current situation demands, we have to be flexible and remember that extraordinary circumstances call for brilliant measures. Crack open that bottle and make a toast in your father's name with a special wine you have at your home.

If you don't have wine, then get wine boxes from Ashprint London from our online store. We guarantee you that it'll reach you following all the safety measures required in the current situation.

Cooking together

Although you are sharing space during this time, likely, you aren't spending much time with your father. So, why not hit the kitchen and indulge in a fun activity together as cooking is relaxing and second it'll give you time to bond with your father like the old times. Overall, you will have a high menu to enjoy later. You can even surprise your dad by cooking his favourite dishes and then get to work!

If you can't be with your father on this occasion, put some decorations on your home and have a virtual celebration with your father. He will not only feel special but will be thrilled with this gesture. If you are planning to do a party, visit our website and order everything you need to make it a surprise for your father.

Happy Father's Day!