Many people often don’t celebrate their office colleagues birthdays in the office, which is necessary not only to boost collaboration but also to improve the bond between the teams. So, here we will talk about some ideas that can be used to make an office birthday special.



• Make it Personal



One of the best ways to make an office birthday special is to make it more personal so that the person feels that you’re really excited to celebrate his/her birthday. To make it more personal, try to personalise the gift like decorate it ribbons, ornaments, or a personalised note written for your colleague.



 Decorate the Area



Well, it’s not allowed to decorate the whole area in the office premises, but you can decorate the area where the employee will cut the cake. To decorate that space, prefer using simple decorations, such as wired decorations, wooden decorations, or flowers. Try to keep it as simple as possible – this way, it will require fewer efforts and will be cost-effective.



 Surprise Desk Decorations



One of the best ways to surprise your office colleague is to decorate their desk. You can use a stash of streamers, confetti and balloons to decorate the desk space while keeping it easy for the colleague to work during office timings. Well, surprising your colleague with desk decorations requires a bit of effort. For instance, you’ll have to decorate the desk either early in the morning or the evening before the birthday.



• Choose an Alternative Cake



We always select a yummy chocolate cake or small pretty cupcakes for birthday or special occasion, or you could try something different, like donuts or even macaroons to make the birthday that little bit special. Finally decorate it with diamante cake toppers and use different toppings on it.





Following the above tips, you can make your colleague’s birthday very special in the office premises. Also, don’t forget to take help from other colleagues, who can provide unique ideas to you for the birthday celebrations. However, if you’re looking for birthday decorations, then have a look at our decorations section – you’ll find a variety of decoration ideas.