It’s your partner’s birthday but unfortunately you haven’t planned anything for the day and now it’s a bit of a mad dash to figure out what can be done at the last moment. Well, don’t worry! We have a few ideas for last minute birthday decorations.



Your partner’s birthday is always special because that person is your love buddy, friend and a part of your life. Therefore, it’s important to plan something special (even though planning has been left at the last moment). Let’s see what can be done to help make it special.



First of all, decide a place where you want to decorate the birthday celebrations. Set up the decorations in either the kitchen, lounge or dining room.





After selecting an area, it’s time to decorate it as soon as possible. So, what you can do is hang balloons to the walls or pillars to give it a birthday feel. If you haven’t got a birthday banner, create a quick banner by just using string and brightly coloured ribbon! It will easily create a celebratory effect with its bright colours within minutes. Measure the wall by using string such as natural or ivory hessian string to create a quick ribbon bunting. Use 3 or 4 reels of double-sided satin ribbon rolls or scraps of ribbon and cut either in different lengths or in one length. Lay the string and wrap the satin ribbon around the string. Once completed you can finish off the ends by cutting them neatly at the ends (it will also help reduce fraying too) and then attach that to your wall. Add balloons at either end to complete the look if you wish. Back drop accomplished!



To decorate the table, use a pretty vase or a rustic style jug and add flowers to them to the birthday area to make your partner feel special, as flowers always spread the aroma of love.



Once the walls and table has been decorated, it’s time to prepare the cake! If you are really stuck for time, shop bought cakes are easily available and a life saver in these kinds of situations. However, making a cake can be an option too so long as you have all the ingredients. There are so many cake recipes online to help make a quick vanilla cake and buttercream topping. In addition, use candle or a diamante cake topper so that you can decorate the cake quickly at the last moment. You can select diamante cake toppers – single letters or use a happy birthday topper too.



After decorating the birthday area, add another ribbon bunting or a banner for your front door to make it look fun and inviting for the birthday person! To add a variation to a door banner, maybe add a special letter note to the banner or bunting on the entrance door to surprise your partner. If you have a little more time or maybe even for next time, gift your partner a special gift like hand-made heart-shaped chocolates packed in organza favour bags or a couple-pendant that reminds him/her about your love.



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