Having a baby shower is almost like the start of celebrating the upcoming birth of a new baby into the world! Mums to be often choose either her best friend or sister to plan for this big day. So, if you’re going to be the hostess of your sister’s or friend’s baby shower, then there is a lot of planning and decorations involved in making this celebration a whopping success.





However, for those who have never organised a baby shower event often find it daunting and don’t know where to start. So, to help ease the pressure on you we have some baby shower decorating below!



• Baby Shower Invitations



First things first, select a venue, date and time for the baby shower celebration. Next, make sure you get a list of guests that the mum to be wants to invite and send them a personalised invitation card. To make it invitation more appealing, you can tie it with beautiful ribbons. Also, make sure you send the invitations as soon as possible because guests also need time to shop for the gifts and prepare for the event. If your mum to be hasn’t revealed the gender yet, keep the colours on the invitation and decorations neutral. Gold or silver ribbon on the invitation is perfect as it won’t spoil the surprise and are both great colours where you can find decorations to match the colour theme easily.



• Menu and Décor



If the baby shower celebrations are at home, then help set the tone of the house with all the decorations that are required for the special event. For instance, a welcome note on the front door for guests, scented flowers to enhance the presence of the place and balloons to help transform the whole area. Make sure you plan for all these things 2-3 hours before hosting the event so that you get enough time to decorate the place.



Apart from the decorations, you’ll also have to look after the food and drinks menu for the guests. If you’re having plenty of guests on occasion, then ordering food may be the best option. Some supermarkets have a great range of party food that you can order online and collect in store of the day of the baby shower. They usually have a great range of finger foods and desserts perfect an occasion like this! If however there are only a few guests, then you can prepare some quick tasty dishes at home such as pretty finger sandwiches, cute taco bites, pretty pasta salads, cupcakes. Or you could be cheeky and ask guests to prepare a small dish each! For drinks, why not try and make sweet and fruity non alcoholic “mom-osas”!



• Baby Shower Cake





In true celebration of welcoming a new born baby, a baby definitely requires a baby shower cake or beautiful cupcakes! When it comes to the cake or cupcakes, you can bake it and decorate it in the colour theme but just make sure it tastes yummy. To make the cake more attractive, you can decorate it with Diamante Cake Toppers, personalised baby ornaments, and some other decorative items.



• Baby Shower Favours



It is always a beautiful gesture for guests when they receive a gift from the host. Though it doesn’t have to be extravagant, you can gift small scented candles or heart-shaped chocolates packed in favour bags. Why not consider your guest’s nature when gifting favours. For example, guests might appreciate picture frames, paperweights, scented soaps, bubble bath, or candles are also a great favour gift for guests.



Hope the baby shower goes well! There are some other things that you should consider, such as centrepieces, cake table and a few games, etc. If you plan accordingly, you will definitely throw a mesmerising baby shower event. In case, you need help on decorative items; then there are a lot of things to choose from our decorations section.