What do you need: green & brown ribbon, red bow, string, scissors, lighter and a glue gun.





Cut about 20 cm of the brown ribbon.





Drop a few drops of glue and then fold in half.



This helps create a rigid tree trunk.





Cut the green ribbon to two equal lengths.





Fold the ribbon in half and glue in the corner on the edge.





Use a lighter and light just the end of the ribbon you've just cut as this will help prevent the ribbon fraying. (Adults - don't let the kids do this bit!)







If you already have all the glued green branches start glueing them together. Begin from the top.





It may not look perfect at the moment but we have another green ribbon to cover it with.





Just use one drop of glue and add your red bow on the top will look like a star!





The last thing you need to do is to put a string on the other side of your Christmas tree decor using a tiny bit of glue.







How simple was it? I hope you and your children have lots of fun creating your own decor!