Do you love crafting? Have you ever thought about using glitter card on your craft or other decorating projects? There are so many ways by which you can decorate your handmade cards, party gift boxes, favour boxes, signage, cake toppers and so much more using glitter card. Even with the most straight forward project, adding a touch of glitter card to it can lift and brighten anything up to appeal and add personality to any paper craft project. Here we look at some glitter card decoration ideas which will certainly add that “sparkle” to any craft project!





At Ashprint London, we stock 21 colours of A4 250gsm high quality shedless glitter card which makes it very good to use for any paper craft projects as you don’t have to worry about getting glitter everywhere! It’s easy to cut and perfect to use on digital cutting machines. Use high tack/permanent double sided tape, a hot melt glue gun to fix the glitter card or use foam craft pads for smaller pieces or craft foam tape to create some dimension to your project.





Whether you have your own handmade card business or just a crafter who enjoys making items for friends and family, the ideas and designs are endless when using glitter card. We have customers who have made their own wedding invitations or made their own wedding stationery using glitter card as a border and layered it with embellishments or stickers on top. There are other glitter card decoration ideas such using the card in die cutting or are perfect to stamp out shapes then punch them out and add on personalised birthday cards. The varieties will surprise you as it helps create new textures, colours and dimensions.





Glitter card has certainly become a staple in every craft makers stock collection to help create fantastic stationery items for decorations, cards, crafts and on gifts!