The sun is finally out, and the birds are chirping; it’s time you step out and enjoy the pleasant weather. After the cold weather, spring has its reason to party, but if your kids’ birthday falls in spring, then you have the best time to show your creative side.

We’ve got you covered with some great craft ideas and easy DIY projects for the perfect spring birthday.


If you wish not to do the work on invitations for yourself, then use store-bought flower-themed invitations or can go for your floral invites. One way is to utilise a flower-shaped cookie cutter to trace and cut flower shapes out of coloured card stock. Draw the flower and decorate the flower with numerous embellishments such as coloured markers, glitter, rubber stamps, and ribbons. Write the details on the back and put it in the envelope, on which you can use Beaded Daisies Paper Flowers or Glitter Flowers.

Apart from this, make your child draw and colour flowers or use a rubber stamp to beautify simple invitations with florals. You can even stick flower seed packets and send them.


You can buy all the floral decorations from Ashprint London or can order the stationery and do DIY at home. You can initiate with making flowers in various sizes and materials available on our website. You can also buy fabric rose petals in different colours from our online store. You can make flowers from them that’ll look realistic and can hang them from the ceiling.

Our store sells various craft items that can be used to do DIY projects for this flower-themed party.


The key to rock any party is to have food that complements the theme of the party. As part of the theme, add fresh flowers on the table.

The idea of edible flowers to your dessert will surely go with the theme and will excite the kids too. Add bite-size sandwiches and use flower cookie cutters to give them shape. You can even include fruit bouquets and have them on the table as the centrepiece.


A kids’ party is incomplete without games and craft. Let the guests prepare their flowers from crepe papers. The kids’ can use tissue papers to make flowers. Get them some pots and watering can to paint or ask them to put seeds in small pots. You can even include making flower bracelets or floral headbands; for this, you can buy Glitter Flowers from

Return gesture

The craft items made at the party can be used as party favours. The coloured watering cans and pots can be given to kids’ who made it; this will surely make a memory for them, and every kid will remember this as a fun party. You can even put some flower seeds in favour bags and gift them so that they can plant some flowers at their gardens.

Apart from this, give them a box of flower-shaped cookies and a bouquet of fresh flowers. This will make their day.

Ashprint London Ltd has all the arts and crafts material you can order and utilize in your fun-themed parties. The items are available in different varieties, and all are of high-quality. Visit the website and browse for your next party.