Christmas is coming up in a few weeks, so this is the time of the year where your wrapping skills really need to be on form.  The sheer number of presents for all the members of the family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues and not forgetting the postman, needs to be wrapped.  On top of that, the shape of presents such as clothing, toys and other odd shaped items can be a huge task to wrap and can be a huge nightmare!



I’ll have to be honest and say that I haven’t yet bought my family and close friends their Christmas presents yet but I am quite pleased with myself because I have bought a case full of prosecco, some wine bottles and 4 bottles of craft beer ready to wrap and give out during this holiday time.



Right! There are several ways that you can wrap a prosecco or wine bottle in an elegant, stylish way that is perfect to present as a gift for Christmas. 



Tissue Bottle Wrap



Any type of bottle that you’re trying to wrap can be a difficult thing to do so here are some suggestions to help you dress up that Christmas bottle gift and finish off with some pretty festive Christmas ribbons.  This is a great option but can get a little fiddly!  Get some cello wrap on a roll or some festive coloured tissue paper, some red satin ribbon or other Christmas ribbon with some decoration and some gift wrap tape or double-sided sticky tape and finally a pair scissors!



If you’re using tissue paper, we suggest 2 layers and cut into a rectangular shape (if the tissue paper is on a roll).  Size up your tissue paper by laying your bottle on top, making sure at least three times the width of the bottle on either side then cut and place the bottle two thirds down and angled to one of the corners of the paper.  Place the tissue paper over and then roll the bottle over until the tissue paper has completely covered the bottle and is rolled around the bottle.  At the lower end, gently twist or fold in the paper into the bottom end.  If you need to then apply some tape at the bottom to secure it.



At the neck of the bottle, place your festive ribbon (tartan ribbon or plain ribbon such as green or red satin Christmas ribbon) underneath and then tie up the ribbon.  Maybe use a double knot first and add Christmas embellishments like festive berries & sprays, thistles, or green foliage and then finish off by tying up a beautiful bow at the end.  I would recommend using a width such as 16mm or 25mm ribbon for wine bottles or prosecco and a 10mm satin ribbon for smaller craft beer bottles.  Hey presto, all finished and ready to give out nearer the time!  You could also add a place tag around the neck of the bottle, so you know whose present it is (if you have bought range of drinks).  I’ll be honest, using wrapping paper can be a bit difficult so use tissue paper for this technique.



Natural Hessian Themed Bottle Wrap



Transform your wine bottle without having to cover it up completely here.  Use Ashprint London’s 120mm width hessian ribbon roll and wrap around your wine or craft beer bottle.  Measure and wrap around the centre and cut, just make sure the hessian ribbon roll overlaps over an inch or so.  Use either some matching hessian ribbon such as our country hessian sealed edge ribbon to wrap and tie around and don’t forget to wrap Christmas embellishments like berries & holly leaves spray or some other festive berry spray here to finish it off.  Sometimes a contrast ribbon can work well here so we’ve used a red lurex berry spray wired edge ribbon here and we think it works well!



The Easiest Bottle Wrap Option!

Now if you’re not much of a wrapper or simply don’t have the time to wrap them all, use a wine gift bottle box!  At Ashprint London, we have a brilliant range of bottle gift boxes that I think in my opinion are far superior in quality than the other bottle bags that are available because they are stronger (and can actually hold the weight of the wine bottle) and looks so much more presentable. 

Simply place your wine bottle inside and tie up using a satin or grosgrain ribbon and don’t forget to add an embellishment and tag with it and it’s ready!  We even have two or three bottle boxes if you would like to gift someone like your boss, work friend, customers/clients or family member a couple of bottles or more. These gift boxes elegant and of good quality and will present your Christmas gift perfectly. 

We hope this helps you when wrapping craft beers or wine bottles this Christmas!