Spring is nearly here the cupboards are getting a spring clean and the days are longer and brighter, and the gardens begins to bloom with daffodils; it must be coming up to Easter! Easter is a fun festival with which children and adults can have lots of fun and the perfect excuse to eat lots of chocolate!

Easter is the perfect opportunity to put to use all your fun craft skills when decorating cards, presents, or Easter hampers. Using Ashprint London’s Easter gift decoration items and using some fun clever simple creative tricks, you can create a wonderful gift or card that is fit for Easter!

Have a read of some of our ideas below as we share some of our spring style and Easter gift wrapping ideas for your hamper and take your gift-wrapping skills to the next level.

  1. Flowers are always wonderful and even if you don't grow your own flowers, pots of spring flowers can be cheaply bought from market. When thinking about gift wrapping, add a few small artificial flowers such as our mulberry paper tea roses or foam flowers to your gift-wrapping presents using ribbon tapes. The wrapped wired stem can be easily twisted to wrap around ribbon. Pink, yellow, lilac and light green toned flowers are perfect to use here.
  2. Always keep remnants or scraps of different coloured gift wrap as they can be used to create a collage Easter gift wrap. Slowly tear strips and glue the edges of the strips of wrapping paper using a glue gun. I’ll be honest it is a slow long a painstaking way of creating a wrapping paper but if you have the Easter colour tones and place them just right, it is a great technique to accomplish and makes your Easter gift look attractive and truly unique. You will require a good glue to paste the gift wrap pieces together and lastly finish of with some fun Easter gift wrapping ribbons.
  3. Two folded sheets of contrasting colours and a pretty ribbon can be easily wrapped on a gift. The creation will look like a vibrant and hip that will look great at your place. Make sure to use contrasting and bright colours sheets for this purpose.
  4. Use craft paper or thicker wrapping paper and wrap the gift and create lovely little bunny ears! Use a large piece of wrapping paper and wrap and scrunch at the top of the gift making sure you have enough wrapping paper scrunched at the top. The great thing here is that the wrapped gift doesn’t need to be taped down! Cut ribbons such as satin ribbon or hessian string ribbon and tie up the gift tightly. The scrunched-up part of the wrapping paper can be shaped and then use a pair of scissors to cut and shape 2 bunny ears. What you can then do is decorate the front of the gift with glitter washi tape to colour the ears or felt tip pens to create a bunny face and add a small pom pom ball for the nose. Hey presto, you have a themed bunny shaped wrapped gift!
  5. Purchase a small wreath frame or a styrofoam from florists. Then wrap and create pretty bows on the wreath using bright themed coloured Easter ribbons. Use a combination of ribbons, such as hessian wired ribbon that can help shape large bows to delicate pastel shaded organza ribbon which can easily add softness to the wreath. Add foam flowers or glue smaller handmade craft flowers to it to help make it a standout wreath to hang on your door to welcome family and friends during Easter.
  6. Keep it simple with the wrap. Using craft wrapping paper to wrap your gift and decorate using pastel colours or fun themed Easter washi tapes. Create patterns using the washi tapes or shapes with it. Washi tapes are easy to apply and reposition, so if you’ve made a mistake, you can lift up and replace really easily. Add little motifs such as cute bunny rabbits or eggs and arrange on the gift wrap to make it look excellent!

Most of the Gift-Wrapping Ideas mentioned above are easy and not expensive so making it affordable especially when adding your own creative flare to it. So what are you waiting for, just follow these ideas and bring charm to your Easter with gifts.