Creating decorations can be rewarding as you’ve created them yourself and helps add that personal touch to the special occasion. However it can sometimes take up time to create something personal so we’ve written a quick step by step do it yourself guide to create a quick and easy decoration that you can hang around the house, against walls as a background or as a prop for fun photo booths or dare I say it as a pretty barrier against open doors to prevent bees or other insects entering the house!





What you need to create the satin ribbon bunting is the following:



String ( we’ve used our natural hessian string ),



Double sided satin ribbon reels (we’ve used Ashprint’s 38mm width satin ribbon) and we’ve used a few colours such as white, taupe satin ribbon, mint and emerald green satin ribbon here. We have used a wider width ribbon here to create a dramatic colour effect but you can use different widths ribbons with varying designs or prints.








We’ve then cut each of the ribbon colours into equal lengths and made sure that each colour ribbon has the same amount of ribbon strips. Consider cutting them into shorter lengths if you’re planning to create it as a birthday banner or longer lengths for ribbon bunting that can be used as fun outside props at a birthday, BBQ or even your wedding.





So to create to create the bunting, cut a long length of the hessian string. I decided to cut about 2 metres in length but leave at least a half a metre either side so that the bunting can be easily attached to something or fixed to the wall. Then take hold of one the ribbons midway and create a small loop above the string.





Then take the ends of the ribbon and loop it through and under the string and then pull! It’ll create a tidy knot to the string and this type of knot is great as you can easily remove it and create the knot again without too much effort.  The ribbon can also be reused elsewhere once you’ve finished using it as a birthday or wedding decoration