Men love to be pampered and cared for just as much as we do, especially during their birthday. Most men love it when their girlfriends surprise them on their birthday and show them how much they care. So if your partner’s birthday is coming up soon and you want to surprise him in an adorable way but can’t think of anything, don’t worry, here are four ways to surprise that special someone!





• Candlelight Dinner



Ever wondered how your boyfriend will feel when you take him out for a surprise candlelight dinner on his birthday? Believe us; it will be one of the most amazing feelings for him. Choose a river view or hill view location for dinner, and see the smile on his face when you’re sitting with him, enjoying a meal and getting to spend quality time with him. Also no smartphones at the table! Put those phones away and just enjoy the time together.



• Write a Card for Him



Believe it or not, men do love heartfelt letters from their loved ones. However, it would require some effort but it’ll definitely make your man feel special. So take some time out and get those thoughts out on paper. Use craft card and even get your paints out and show some creativity on the front of the card. We are sure that he will really appreciate the efforts you put in.



 Decorate his Room



Every person loves a little romance on their birthday. So it’s a great idea to decorate your partner’s room with heart-shaped balloons, scented candles, foil wrapped chocolates, and maybe even a picture collage of you both on the wall. Try and keep it a surprise, so decorate when he is in office or out!



• Plan a Trip



Why not plan a trip on your partner’s birthday and surprise him. Try and arrange everything as much as you can beforehand and ask him to get ready for the most memorable trip of his life.



Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about you can do on his birthday. If you’re looking for decorative items for your partner’s birthday, then check out Ashprint London as we have a wide range of products available.