Where would we be without our mothers! We just love them! Even though we are grateful and we truly love them, why not show them by making mother’s day memorable. After all, they definitely deserve it! My mother always says that she doesn’t want anything in the way of presents (but secretly I know she would like a little something), so I always like to give her something special. This year I’ve got her a few small gifts and thought about making a mother’s day hamper tray for her.





Even if you don’t have great crafting skills, why not give it a go too as a DIY mother’s day hamper is the best gift for her. You can easily create it yourself as you only need a few things such as a cardboard hamper tray, cellophane and ribbon. Arrange the presents in the tray and wrap beautifully. Here I have shared my experience of creating a mother’s day hamper as well as some other ideas for inspiration.



• A Gift of Personal Care



If your mother loves to take care of her skin or her skin needs a little TLC, then gifting her some natural beauty products packed in our sphere pearl hamper tray will be a great gift. If she doesn’t like to use cosmetic lotions and potions, then introduce her to some herbal and natural beauty products.



 Wine with Chocolates





Her favourite chocolate, wine or even prosecco always makes a perfect combination and the best part is you can open and share it and spend some quality time together. To give it a personal touch, you can use wine boxes to pack the wine bottles with a personal note on it and buy handmade chocolates or even make something else like pretty cupcakes or chocolate brownies.



• A Personalised Note



Sometimes we don’t always say how much we love them or appreciate everything that they have done to support, encourage and nurture us but make sure you capture this moment and let your mum know how much they mean to you. Even a simple note for your mother is good enough. My mum loves to read and so I decided to give her a book that she’s wanted for a while and wrote my note in there.



• Flowers or Plants



Now I have in the past given my mother flowers and I absolutely love giving flowers but it was getting predictable and I did think about doing something different. I was initially thinking about giving her a couple of pretty indoor plant pots and a beautiful orchid. It then got me thinking of buying a few more gardening items as she loves gardening! I thought about buying new pair of gardening gloves and plant seeds too. This was definitely a great idea and the hamper tray would have been perfect to fit everything in and present it to her. I’ve already purchased her gifts but I’m going to keep this gardening theme hamper in mind for next year!



Mother’s day is almost here, so don’t waste time looking for a perfect gift; get her several little gifts and arrange it in your own hamper tray!