Weddings can be a stressful time with so much to plan and consider. Its things such as selecting the venue, the caterer, the photographer and of course the perfect dress! We all strive to do our best and create the perfect ambience at the wedding and then celebrate in style at the reception party. The reception is definitely the time to enjoy and celebrate and make your wedding a memorable one for you and your guests.



To help make your wedding memorable for your guests, decorate the reception tables with eye-catching centrepieces. You can spend a reasonable amount of your budget on decoration but you don’t always have to. Sometimes the most attractive centrepieces are the ones that are simplistic and reflect you and your partner’s personality. Luckily, there are some cost-effective options that you can use to decorate the reception centrepieces to make your wedding memorable for your guests.



  • Use Fabrics for Table





People often underestimate the value of fabrics for their wedding tables. But, using beautiful textured or even designer fabrics can make a huge impact and lasting impression on your guests. You can easily find a variety of your favourite fabrics from your local fabric shop and use it for covering tables as well as draping from the ceiling. For example, sheer fabrics work fine with ceiling area to create a romantic atmosphere.



  • Use Flowers





Flowers are always a great way to bring beauty and colour to your wedding reception. Also, there is no denying that you can use flowers on every occasion. You can decorate the wedding tables with flowers that bloom in your wedding season. You can also check for the latest floral trends to decide which flowers you want for your wedding centrepieces. It does not matter how small or big flowers you use just make sure they are good in fragrance and look decent on your wedding tables. You can also create centrepieces with open foam flowers. You can use a few colours that match your colour theme to create pretty centrepieces well in advance. These pretty artificial flowers will help you create the effect you need and you don’t have to use too much of your budget when using open foam flowers.



  • Candles with Crystals





If you want to add more ambience and romance to your wedding reception, then using candles with table crystals is one of the simplest and cost-effective ideas. You can choose from a variety of candles according to your theme. For example, for a vintage wedding theme, you can use gold candelabras with navy table crystals. And if you want to add more colours to the table, then use vibrant colour candles like gold or red with clear table crystals. However, people often prefer to use long-stemmed candles with pale blue table crystals.



  • Glasses





You will not believe it, but decorating the wedding centrepieces with glasses, jars or bottles is a great idea to add touch and interest to your wedding tables. Create the rustic feel and wrap hessian ribbon roll around the jar, bottle or vase and secure it with using ivory or natural hessian string. It is not necessary to keep the glasses empty; you can add candles or you can use real or artificial flowers such as our white or pink open foam flowers. However, if you want to add something more creative, then fill a large martini glass with water and add floating candles or flowers to it.



These are some of the most cost-effective ideas to decorate your wedding centrepieces. You’ll not have to spend a huge fortune to make your guests feel comfortable at the wedding reception. If you want to view decorative items for your wedding reception centrepieces, then visit Ashprint online decorative store. They have a vast variety of decorative wedding items.