Day by day it’s getting colder; we’re in the November and December are almost here, which means it’s high time to think on how to turn your home into a winter wonderland for this season. Here are some ideas to make it simple, easy and classy! You can make it all by yourself using fresh, natural elements from the outdoors decorated with ribbons, candles, chocolates, nuts and fruits.





First, you have to decide which colour fits your home decorations best this season. You can go for an elegant and minimalistic silver and white or gold and black. You can also choose a good and everlasting Christmas couple of red and green. It can be either monochromatic or colourful, as long as it keeps the holiday spirit.





A table makes a focal point in every dining room. Whether it's Christmas Eve dinner or just another occasion to meet at a table during the holiday season, add a festive touch to your table decor by use of greenery, pine cones, nuts, sweets and candles. Give your table a natural touch by layering a burlap cloth and a raw wood slice under the dinnerware. Finish the arrangement with a sprig of fir and a holiday ribbon.





There are many ways you can use a napkin for in decorating your table. For example, if you want to show your guests their place at a table, fold a napkin into a square, wrap it with a ribbon so it looks like an envelope, and stamp it with their name. You can also make some napkin rings by stringing cranberries on a thin wire and tying it into a circle.





Don’t forget about the candles! They can really spark some special moments. To make it look classy, fill a large glass vase with water, add cranberries, pine cones, greens and floating candles. For a more rustic style, wrap a mason jar with hessian or web ribbon and use it as a candleholder. You can also add some holiday embellishments like poinsettias or glitter reindeer heads.



Christmas time is also about the presents and treats. Surprise your guests and bring out some homemade cookies wrapped in ribbon for a dessert. They can help themselves on the spot or take the sweets home in little boxes.





You can also make a sweet table centrepiece by use of red, emerald, silver or golden milk chocolate hearts attached on toothpicks to a foam cone.



However this kind of decoration won’t last long among the chocolate lovers!