Are you planning a Halloween bash this year?



Whether you are thinking of reusing the old stuff or making some new Halloween crafts this year, it really doesn’t matter as long as it adds zeal to the Halloween party.





If you are a craft enthusiast and enjoy making homemade crafts, then let us at Ashprint London provide you with a few ideas to create a fun themed party this Halloween. We’ve got some ideas that use items easily found in and around your home to create affordable Halloween decorations
Spook up your front door and garden



Give your front garden or door a spooky Halloween feel with lanterns, pumpkins laid out in the front or the path for your Halloween trick or treaters. To provide a spooky touch, add draped tiny orange lights to trees or bushes either side to create that eerie feel. Create spooky bats or spiders cut out from black card and stick to the door or create a spooky monster face using black and white card. Creating a spooky design like this on the front door with craft card is simple and easy to do!



Bat Branches



Create some simple branches using strands of black ribbon and attach some cut out bats when they are hanging upside down and stick to the ribbon. Add more cut out bats as if in flight and stick with blue tak all around the door. These nocturnal critter cut outs will set the tone for those as they turn up to the house for your Halloween party or trick or treaters!



Ghost Inspired Bottles



Save all your jam jars, bottles or even metal cans and make these ghostly inspired bottles/jar with a few easy steps. Remove the labels and caps from bottles and paint using acrylic white paint on them and draw faces with a black marker. Throw in some orange, green and black paper straws for centrepieces. For jars, wrap bandages around it and cut out some spooky large eyes. Inside you can cutlery or napkins. Use jars to paint or add Halloween stickers to it and add small battery powered fairy lights or candles as décor on the table. The ideas are endless and you can turn any unused material into cheap Halloween decorations.



Throw some spells with spell books



Create some spell books as decor like old leather-bound ones by casing them in a detachable leather jacket that you've made look old and antiqued. Paint or use black craft paper and wrap around a hard-back book and crumple and stress the paper. Then use a hot glue gun and use the glue to create a web design and other Halloween designs on the front and around the book! Spell out the word ‘spells’ using the glue gun and before the hot glue harden, sprinkle black glitter to the letters. Stack them beside some potion bottles to add as a feature.



Spooky Bunting Back Drop



Use Halloween ribbon or ribbon colours associated with Halloween and create a simple yet dramatic backdrop to your main Halloween table. Add long strips or green, orange, purple, lilac, and white ribbon to string and drape behind the main food table. It doesn’t matter if they are all different widths or lengths or type of ribbon, just attach to string and hang to the wall. Another idea is to add a black table cloth to the main food table and wrap the table top around with this ribbon bunting.
Lantern Sign



Make a DIY directional signpost this Halloween. Keep things thematic around the signpost with black and orange stripes and an artificial raven to watch guard at the top.



Vampire teeth napkins



Deadly champers will make your table settings look scary. Put some white cloth napkins with red liquid for blood effect, line a white twist tie through a set of fake vampire teeth, and finally protect a curl tie around the centre of your napkin. Isn’t that scary?



Wicked Witch Sweet Treats Dish



Take a pair of old heels and turn it a part of cheap Halloween decorations for your home. Make these old heels like an enchanting candy bowl. Use halloween colours using fabric or acrylic paint to the heels or stick some inexpensive sparkly material or even glitter washi tape, then decorate the heels all around. Add black diamante jewels using a hot glue gun to the shoes and use a thin marker pen and add a web design or thick black stripes around it. Glue on some black foam sheet or thick material inside the shoes and fill with some wrapped Halloween sweets and treats.



There are numerous things you can make for your Halloween party at home and get complimented by your guests. Find these items easily in your house and in your craft box and create some fun Halloween themed at home. These ideas will surely make your party one great event to remember.



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