Keeping kids busy in the summer is difficult as they can get bored easily and indulging them in fun activities is not that simple. Although it is the favourite time of the year for kids as well, there are challenges for parents especially at the moment as we are so restricted with what we can do with children this year during lockdwon.

The good news is that we are here to help with some ideas! We have here some ideas using arts & crafts material so that we can indulge the kids in making simple items that can become their favourite past time. Here, we have created a list of craft items for nursery, toddlers and young children that are sure to offer entertainment and fun learning for hours.

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Flamingo Handprints

Currently we can’t go to visit the local zoo but try this instead; go visit a zoo online with your kids. A lot of zoos have a live stream of some animals as well as pictures and fun facts about them. Ask your children to use craft papers and coloured markers to make adorable flamingo handprints or abstract animal cut outs and decorate them.

Rock Monsters

Colouring rocks is a satisfying activity, and the kids will surely love it. To make them, you will require rocks of different shapes and sizes, some googly eyes, acrylic paint, brushes, and glue. If you aren't comfortable with the acrylic paint, then stick to acrylic markers instead. You can also offer the kids with some yarn and other crafty items to glue on their rocks.

Unicorn Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are mystical and beautiful on their own. You can create them at home using colourful threads and ribbons as per your imagination. You can even add faux flowers and a unicorn horn as embellishments to make it look more appealing and hang them over the kids' bed.

Salt Painting

Kids would surely love to explore the painting in a different form. Salt painting is a classic activity, which can be enjoyed by both parents and kids in all seasons. You can add some colours to give it a feel of summertime and create art of your own.

Tape and Spray Paint

This is a fun and easy craft activity that will surely help your kids explore their creative side. Use some colourful tapes to outline the kids' names and let them be creative with spray paint. After you are done, remove the tapes and make a border with any washi tape to give it a finishing. You can even hang the admiring work in your kid's room.

Bead Jewellery

Lots of kids loves creating different shaped beads and they can be used to make something creative. Give your kids a container of beads of various colours and some pipe cleaners – you'll see the magic they'll create with their imaginations. Find the beads from any craft store, get your kids on work and make the type of jewellery they like.

Apart from these, you can order alphabet and number sets from and use them to play fun learning games with kids.

Keeping kids engaged is not an easy task but you can pick different activities to do with them daily that will explore their creative side and even learn some fun stuff. The main thing here is that you get to spend some memorable time with them before they grow up!