There are so many events that we all enjoy celebrating throughout the year like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Weddings, and many more. People celebrate almost every occasion with love and prosperity. One aspect that we at Ashprint London can help, is help with is decorating the place or the desired item according to the occasion. For every occasion, there are different types of decorations. Here, we have covered some of the most important event decorations.



  • Weddings



If you’re having a wedding in your family, then there are many things to decorate, such as the venue, wedding tables, guest gifts, etc. To decorate the wedding tables, you can use table crystals with scented candles that will enhance the overall place of the wedding. For guests’ gifts, you can use favour gift bags to pack little gifts, such as scented candles, chocolates, sugared almonds etc.



  • Halloween



Halloween is becoming quite a popular time of year with more people hosting Halloween parties and more children dressing up and trick or treating. It is filled with excitement, fancy costumes, and sweet treats! To prepare for hosting a Halloween party at your place, decorate the house with deco web on a roll, organza tulle and wrap trick or treat gifts with Halloween ribbon.



  • Christmas



Christmas is by no doubt the best time of the year. Decorating the house, presents, the Christmas table and decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments, embellishments and baubles are by far my favourite things to do during this time of the year. Add beautifully decorated presents underneath the tree and look forward to giving them to your nearest and dearest. You can find Christmas ribbons and other wrapping gift supplies easily at Ashprint London.



  • Baby Shower





For a mother, a baby shower is a fabulous time to celebrate with friends and family the upcoming birth of your new addition! If it’s your duty to decorate the place for her then make the baby shower event really stand out. Try decorating the main table with a pretty balloon arch, create your baby shower banner using coloured glitter cards, or think about using open rose foam flowers to create a pretty floral arrangement. If you want to give favours for those who attend, you can use pink or blue baby boxes and consider adding chocolate dragees to it make it feel more like a baby shower.



These are some of the events that we celebrate in our daily lives. You can get all the decorations for every event at Ashprint London. Visit our website to see and buy a huge variety of decorative items.