In the last few years I have never had the opportunity to spend an entire day with my mother as I’m a mother now myself. However, this year I’m going to set aside a day and spend as much time as possible with her.





This year, I’m going to have mother’s day with my little ones a day earlier and celebrate mother’s day with my mum on Sunday as I have planned something special for her. I’m going to take her into London and pamper with a little spa treatment, then out for afternoon tea at a hotel nearby followed by a little shopping! If you haven’t planned anything yet, don’t panic as it’s not too late. Have a quick read below and see if you are inspired.



• You can’t go wrong with Flowers or Chocolates



It’s true; you just can’t go wrong with flowers and/or chocolates. Every year I always get her a huge beautiful floral arrangement from my florist which she always adores. My mother always loves a bright floral bouquet so I like to make sure there are brightly coloured roses and gerberas in it. I usually leave the rest to my florist to decide and I am never disappointed. This year as I’ve planned a lot more so I have only ordered a small arrangement this time as I made a mother’s day hamper (see my previous blog post) and my children have arranged her favourite handmade heart-shaped foil wrapped milk chocolates in a bouquet style display with tissue paper and ribbon wrapped round ready to present to their grandma when they see her. It was a challenge but we got it done and it looks pretty good!



• Take her Out for Lunch



After gifting her some flowers and chocolates why not take her out for lunch. I’m taking my mum to afternoon tea this time at a top hotel in London and I know it will be a delightful experience and a perfect chance to have quality time with her. If you’re thinking about treating her to a meal, choose a restaurant or cuisine which is her favourite and more importantly where you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon or evening. I usually do take my dad too as I don’t want him to feel left out!



• Pamper Her with Something Special



There are many options to choose when it comes to pampering your mother. For example, book a spa for her so that she can relax and be pampered for the day. If not, then take her out somewhere where she would enjoy for example to see a live band, a theatre show, a day out to a gallery, museum or attraction. All that matters really is that you spend some time out with her and experience something that she enjoys.



• Finally the Gift



Remember the days on your own birthday growing up when your mother used to surprise you with some fantastic special gift or something that you’ve wanted for ages, well why not return the favour and surprise her this time with something special. If your mother is stylish, then gift her a small piece of jewellery, natural beauty products or even perfume. To make your gifts more special or personalised, think about the wrapping and decoration. Try decorating the gift with luxury wrapping paper and ribbon like lurex heart organza ribbon or choose from multiple decorations from Ashprint London.



Mother’s day is only a few days away so you still have time to plan something special for your mum. Hope we have given you some inspiration but the main thing to remember is that you have one mum so cherish the time that you do have together!