Are you looking forward for Christmas time and all the fun and enjoyment that it brings?





Well I definitely am! I enjoy the little things like buying that funny festive Christmas jumper that we are forced to wear even though the heating is cranked up way too much during this time and where your mum always buys those tartan flannel pyjamas EVERY Christmas and when two thirds of your family are already having a snooze by 5pm on Christmas day because they have eaten way too much (and drank too much too!). I also love it when my letterbox gets filled with lovely envelopes containing festive cards from my friends and family from far away with blissful wishes and happy holiday messages. I especially look forward to receiving Christmas cards from my aunt in Harrogate and my nieces in Penrith as they create their own pretty Christmas cards. I always cherish these cards as I know that they have personally made them, and I look forward to seeing their creativity.



If you’re looking for ideas to craft homemade Christmas cheer on your cards this year, we've got a collection of some of the best DIY Christmas cards ideas that are sure to amaze your friends and family this season. Take a look!



Festive Felt Card



Though many think that arts & crafts are just for kids, try using felt and other materials for your Christmas cards this holiday. It's economical, you can make fun abstract images and it comes in so many colours. We love how the dazzling hues pop alongside the brown background of these cards making them attractive.



Contemporary Style Card



Make a stunning contemporary-style Christmas greeting card from paint shop pantone colour cards. Get some from your large DIY store or paint shop and cut the paint card into a triangle and create a colourful Christmas tree, glue onto the card, and add some embellishments. You can craft this card in five minutes. Isn’t that easy?



Hand Stamped Card



Thinking of something affordable and want it to be fancy? You don't have to go for an elegant stamp set to add a DIY touch to any card —just get some festive ink and a few pencils. Use colour ink and stamp on ornaments, Christmas trees, and some Glitter Berries Spray and colour in using watercolour pencils or coloured pens.



Button-inspired Card



Left with some extra buttons? This gorgeous wreath card is a beautiful way to use them up. Whether you opt for classic green or multiple colours, you’ll be able to create this DIY card in no time. Just add some Cones & Berries Spray for touch up!



Handprint Snowman Card



This Christmas card is an excellent choice for kids who love to get a bit creative. If you want some original art form on your cards this year, make fingerprint snowmen to signify each member of your family.



Washi Tape Christmas Card



There are so many artistic ways to use Washi tape. Washi tape comes in a range of colours and designs - choose whichever fits your style. Washi tapes are great to cut and shape, you can apply and reposition very easily making it ideal to use, especially children. Use washi tapes to create ideas such as a patterned Christmas tree, shiny ornaments/baubles or patterned scarfs on snowmen designs on your Christmas cards.



Fingerprint Holly Berry Card



To add a personal touch, use a fingerprint stamp to add berry spray to a wreath or holly spray like Frosted Christmas Rose & Berries Spray. You can even opt for a free, printable template for the laurel and leaves from Ashprint London.



Family portrait card



If your holiday to-do listing is never-ending and you just don’t have the time, then try the digital illustrated versions for family portrait card.



Lettered Holiday Cards



Whip up some paper cut Christmas cards with the free download files. This art is perfect if you're making a card last minute. Even though they look as you have put hours into making them, the secret is that they are quick and easy when using a die-cut machine. Some software programmes even have standard Christmas related images that you can add those to the card. Using our A4 glitter card to use in your die cut machine.



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