Looking for some ideas for a spooky Halloween treat bag? The trick-or-treating season is around the corner that means you’ll need somewhere to collect and store all those delicious treats.





There are numerous DIY Halloween treat bag ideas that range from creepy to childish and will add a feel of the handmade to Halloween celebrations, whether they are wandering the neighbourhood or gathering at home with family & friends.



Pumpkin Paper Bag



This can be made quickly and easily; this Halloween tote is basically delightful and a great way to repurpose any timeworn shop bag. You can choose a definitive pumpkin motif or pick another Halloween image like a witch’s hat, candy corn, spider web, to put on it.



Custom sweet treat bag



If you want to make your kid's sweet treat bag adorable and stand out from the rest, then this custom treat bag will surely grab eyeballs. Download a spooky tree or fearfully fun Halloween image and print onto iron-on paper. Then, follow the instructions on the package to stick on to a canvas tote using tapes or glue.



Witch’s Broom Treat Bags



These evil little treat bags are ideal for packaged snacks. Simply cut brown paper bags from the top into strips and then tie them around pencils. They are adorable and will give the feel of Halloween season.



Burlap Treat Bags



Looking for something cute yet Halloween-y?



Halloween doesn’t indicate that everything has to be all ghosts and goblins. Green polka dot grosgrain ribbon and orange ribbon make the muslin bags look joyful without the terrible look.



Bat Pillow Boxes



Black pillow favour boxes can be turned into spooky flying creatures with the adding up of black cardstock wings and googly eyes. These are ideal for holding any snack-sized sweets or chocolates.



Freaky Frankenstein



Drape a cereal box in green tissue paper and affix strips of crepe paper along the top for hair. Affix silver-painted corks to the sides for nodes and then glue on the craft foam pads for eyes and a mouth. Doesn’t it look like a cute Frankenstein?



Sweet Coffins



The mini craft coffins are a smart place to put the Halloween treats. Give them a fresh coat of paint and velvet lining and your confectionery will have a spooky new look.



Spooky Ghost



Take a small black kitchen rubbish bag and tuck it inside a white gift bag; stable it with a length of thick ribbon to each side for a grip. Cut the ghost’s eyes and nose from black tape and put it onto the bag. This cute ghost is ready.



If you are throwing a Halloween party in your house, then these can even be used as favour gift bags to give away to the people after the party.



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