Do you want to style your gifts, gift boxes or gift bags in a unique way?





Seeing the happiness on your loved one’s face when they’re handed a gift is one of the most satisfying moments. If you’re looking to amaze your family and friends, then a little artistic gift-wrapping style is just what you need when gift giving.



Luckily, this doesn’t take much time, skill, or money once you understand a few gifts wrapping ideas or wrapping styles.



DIY Hand-Lettered Gift Wrapping



How about a hand-lettered gift wrapping? Nothing shows love and care like something created with your own hands. A handwritten note on Sapphire Glitter Adhesive Washi Tape is a great way to let the person know you have put some effort into every detail.



Colourful Hodgepodge



Assemble your paints, paintbrushes, and sponges. Create your own stencil and cut it out carefully using a craft knife. Use slightly thicker than normal white or solid coloured paper for the base and use your stencil to paint, spray, sponge on or if you’re feeling adventurous, then use the end of the paint brush and flick the paint gently onto the paper. Use your favourite colours in any shape you want. Insert into the base of your hamper boxes to help give character and personality inside the box.



Baked Goods Boxes



Take plain cardboard baked goods/cake boxes and illustrate fun designs using marker pens or paint them with festive colours and designs for attractive baked good gift boxes or other food gift ideas.





Tea Towel or Material Wrap



Choose a gift wrap that also acts as a gift - a tea towel or a pretty material. Wrap a bottle of champagne, prosecco or wine, or a gift box, or if the items are small, use a small a foil gift bag or another type of gift bag to place items in that can be easily wrapped using the material or tea towel. Now you may think of the boring old kitchen tea towels when I say this, but I’m not referring to them! There are so many pretty detailed designed towels that are on the market as well as pretty scarfs or materials that have some bright coloured, intricate designs that will work here. Give the material a quick iron to smooth out any creases and cover, wrap and tie up the gift with this material. It’s a little different but is a great alternative if you don’t want to wrap your gift with wrapping paper or have an odd shaped gift that is hard to wrap. It’s also can be used for the receiver to use as a reusable gift wrap option!



Recycle in a Unique Way



You can design your own festive gift wrap from a material you already have like paper bags. Recycle the old bags and make the project easier by choosing bags from stores that have some holiday patterns. Cut out fun festive shapes or use your die cut machine here to help. Use adhesive to attach them as well as use colourful ribbons or wired decorations to your gift for extra embellishments.



Fabric Flower Petals



Instead of using a simple bow, use fabric flower embellishments to give a fancy finishing touch to the wrapping. Apply flower petals with a hot glue gun or doubled sided transfer tape and create a pretty design with them all. Check it out at Ashprint London’s website under arts & crafts category, in the embellishments section.



Paper Bows



Cut bow shapes out of a coloured card and use an online printable for a cutting guide or make your own stencil. You will need some glue and scissors too. Cut a strip and fold into the middle. Apply glue using a glue gun and leave it to dry. Get a smaller strip and apply to the middle section. Fold and wrap around the centre and apply glue to secure. You will then have two loops either end. Cut one slightly longer length and cut triangles at either end and then fold over the paper at a 45-degree angle. Place this piece at the base and glue on the bow on top. Let it dry and you have a neat bow that you can dress up your gift! Use any plain or patterned material to create your own style bow. For a creative twist to this, fill the centres with a teaspoon of glitter. Adorable, isn’t it?



Washi Tape Weave



Washi tape isn’t just for home decor but can be used in various ways. You can use it on your gift wrapping. Create a layered effect by weaving the tape horizontally and vertically in an irregular pattern.



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