Washi tape is essential part of craft supplies today! It comes in so many different colours and patterns, it's cheap, easy for kids to use, and makes the least mess. Washi tape can be easily removed and repositioned making a fantastic item in your craft box.

If you are planning to add washi tape for the decor, then this is the right place that’ll guide you have certain ideas to rock this festive season.

Star and Heart Ornaments

You’ll love this craft because even if you don't have simple embellishments to decorate, you can easily use cardboard, cut it into any shape you want. Decorate with your favourite pattern of washi tapes, string into ribbons through the top, and use Grosgrain ribbon bow of different colours - you've got a lovable homemade ornament. Isn’t that great?

Simple Wall Tree

Your little munchkin will surely be happy getting his/her tree to decorate for the occasion. Make an outline of a tree out of washi tape on your wall, tear some more into small pieces for decor, and let your kid go decor it in their own adorable way. You can use different tapes to make this tree.

Christmas Banner

The simple letters cut from cardboard can be wrapped in Gold Foil Adhesive Washi Tape is a festive way to get in the holiday spirit. String them up on thread for a cute decoration to hang in your home.

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes

Don't just throw away your empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls as you can use them for decorations. Fold in the ends and adorn with Multi Glitter Circles Adhesive washi tape, and you've got an adorable handmade gift box for smaller gifts. You can use these for kids, and they’ll surely love it.

DIY Gift Wrap

Plain brown wrapping paper makes a great backdrop for this homemade wrapping paper. Use different patterns of washi tape from Ashprint London, and decorate the way you like.

Simple Advent Calendar

This craft calls for a picture frame, but you can use foam board or cardboard as an alternative. Use one clothespin for each day of the month for a basic and one-of-a-kind advent calendar you can use every year. Use Chevron Silver Foil Adhesive Washi Tape to do the outline that makes it look adorable.

DIY Gift Tags

If you've got any plain gift tags, use them up with washi tapes. Use multiple patterns, and they'll look great no matter how you decide to embellish them.

Festive Wreath

You don’t require a lot of craft skills to make this basic wreath; you just need a cardboard circle, then you can tear and stick. Use multiple washi tapes and decorate the wreath for a colourful appearance.

Christmas is coming soon, and these ideas can surely add a crafty and DIY feel to your home decor this year. Visit apll.co.uk to shop for the Christmas decor items and get a discount for this festive season.