Handmade cookies, sugared almonds, personalised marble coasters that double up as table place cards; these are some ideas you can use to handover some personalised gifts to your guests. Showing gratitude never goes out of style. So, as you select the best wedding favours, make sure you see what's trending this year.

Also, be practical and pick something that is meaningful and useful. After all, you would want your guests to remember your wedding long after your special day. These incredible wedding favours will surely impress your guests.

Mason Jars

You have chosen for DIY favour like your favourite jam or baked cookies. You can opt to pack them using the mason jars with a lid. This bottle comes with a label and a string. The glass is heavy-duty, durable, yet attractive. It is extensive and can easily store spices, chocolate hearts or candles. It’s easy, practical, and elegant.


If you are looking for some trendy treat, then there’s nothing better than sweet treats like delicate flavoured macaroons. Go to Ashprint London for elegant and perfectly designed macaroon boxes.

Floral bulbs

Nothing says spring more than a lamp that’s ready to bloom. Gift your guests’ floral bulbs that you can use in your table arrangements and keep the good times throughout the season. Tulle, nets, and lace are ideal for a tropical floral themed wedding.

Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake Boxes are loved by everyone. Anyone would love to have cupcakes that are tasty and comes in great packaging. Gift your guests’ cupcakes from apll.co.uk with a ‘thank you’ tag.

Bottles of Wine

The delicious wine served at your wedding will definitely attract everyone’s attention. How about giving it a favour gift? Wrap the bottles in a gift paper or gift favour bag that showcase your wedding.

Tea Towels

It can be considered as an unexpected wedding favour gift bag. If you are someone who is particular about kitchen décor, then you do know the difference between the towels you use for different purposes. In all ways, pretty tea towels will make up for lovely wedding favours, especially if your guests love cooking.

Confectionery Bars

Presentation is essential when it comes to favour gifts. Personalise your favourite confectionery or chocolate bar and place at each table place setting. Add small wedding table flowers in mason jars to add that whimsical feel. Feel free to add other embellishments around the table to bring it to the next level.

You can even include custom chocolates and keep them in a box that displays your new last name, monogram, or wedding logo. There are numerous options you can find on our website and even order them at affordable prices.