Ribbons are reasonably priced and colourful craft item that you can easily use to lift simple wedding decor.





Since ribbons come in all widths, colours, and patterns, you can really adjust the material to fit whatever wedding item you are adorning.



You can choose from organza ribbon to grosgrain ribbon and lace ribbon to add texture and try satin ribbon for a smooth gleaming feel. Try to include handmade ribbon floral bouquets and flower girl wands, make props using ribbon for a photo booth, or ribbon backdrops in the wedding décor.



Take a look and see what you can do with them on your special day!



Ribbon Wands



An adorable way to celebrate your wedding is to have your flower girls hold them as they make their way down the aisle whilst throwing pretty flower petals. They are a lovable and budget-friendly floral alternative for your littlest girls.



Ribbon Stationery



Use texture and softness on your invitations, ceremony schedules, place cards and other wedding stationery by using ribbon such as hessian ribbon or linen ribbon. Using the subtle natural shades of hessian or linen ribbon, it can be a lovely way to integrate subtle shades of wedding colours you’re your stationery.



Ribbon Bouquets



Bridal bouquets embellished with trailing silk, satin, or velvet ribbons look marvellous and add the perfect dreamy touch. Use many ribbons with vaguely diverse shades and textures that harmonize the innate hues and will make your bouquet look dreamy.



Hanging Cards



Ribbons can be even used as a hanging display at any wedding, so take the help of your outdoor location and make a desirable seating chart. For example, you can use Vintage floral ribbons by Ashprint London to tie these cards to branches. Wouldn’t that look adorable?



Wrap with ribbons



An invitation wrap is one of the simplest ways to integrate ribbons into your stationery. Choose a shade that incorporates your wedding theme colour or a simple natural shade to make sure that the design matches together perfectly; you can also choose to add a delicate pop of colour to other stationery so long as it’s the same style ribbon.



Ribbons Bows for Hair



Trying to decide what hairstyle to do for the flower girls for the wedding ceremony? How about a pretty ribbon bow?



A ribbon bow on the ponytail will make sure their hair is swept up all day long and will look tidy and pretty. Wrap the pontytail in the same coloured ribbon and add a shaped hair bow with it. Use textured velvet ribbon or double sided satin ribbon in your ponytail. There are lots of shades to choose from so can match an outfit, floral colours or wedding colour themes.



Ribbon Wedding Favours



Embellish your favour gift bags or gift boxes with pretty satin bows, which are effortless, yet stunning, way to beautify a parting gift.



Even if you aren’t planning much in terms of favour gifts, we always recommend brides to grasp a few lengths or spools of ribbon as per their wedding tones as it is a multipurpose item to have in your wedding kit. When in doubt, just put a bow on it!



Whether you decide to choose ribbons in a large or small capacity, know that they will create a statement in either way. Use them to wrap or tie napkins or for chairs or anything you like – they’ll surely be a great eye-catcher item.



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