Valentine’s Day is next month!

Are you looking for ideas that are different from last year? Spend this time with your loved one a little differently instead of the usual things that you do for each other. Now I’ll admit I do personally love the flowers, the sweet treats, the card and beautiful pieces of jewellery that I’ve been given over the years; I mean who would not want the special treatment from their other half!

Have been with your partner for many years or now have a family and want to make Valentines more meaningful? If you are a mum looking for some artistic Valentine’s Day children’s class party ideas or do you have a group of friends that are seeking an exceptional opportunity or a romantic person looking spend this day more meaningful, we are here to help.

Here are some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year that will certainly make this year’s day more memorable.

Show care for the Homeless

A great way of doing something differently this is by doing something for others and a great way you can do this is by giving a care box for the homeless. Why not extend that invite to your friends so that you all can give care boxes which can be sent to your local foodbank, local church or charity. Before you decide, maybe create a list and gather items from other family members to contribute if they can and maybe include some treats before assembling the Valentine’s care boxes. This plan will be helpful as it is easy to spread out who can donate what to the boxes.

Get to Know Your Acquaintances

Arrange Valentine’s day dinner to get to know your neighbours or new friends better. This dinner could be your opportunity to organise a great meal and spend an evening with them in a super simple way. Make sure you plan some games and activities so that the night is not just about drinks and food. Also, give Valentine’s bags when they leave, or the winners of your games could win small hamper boxes at the end of the evening!

Let the kids get their groove on!

Host a fun Valentine’s children’s party with a twist. Instead of going the traditional way of exchanging cards with each other, have the children make cards at the party and ask them to write a positive comment inside it about a person at the party. Don’t’ forget to add heart themed decorations everywhere like bunting, heart balloons and love themed music. You can give out stationery or sweets such heart themed marshmallows, heart cookies, or lollipops as small thank you gifts.

Dress-up Party

Invite couples to dress up as famous couples. It could be Wills and Kate or Harry and Meghan (although their relationship is more than strained at the moment!). As per the theme of love, ensure the party has a display of romantic relationships. Decorate the place with heart and love themes and give out Valentine themed gifts or leave out milk heart chocolates for people to eat.

Acts of Kindness day!

Create an act of kindness day instead and share the love this Valentine’s day. Ask your friends, family members and neighbours to do an act of kindness this day. Ideas could range from participate in a charity walk, serve food at your local homeless shelter, buy flowers for a friend or mow a neighbour’s lawn. An idea that is particularly lovely on this day is visit a nursing home and hold a small party for them. Contact the director at home to know what party foods, decorations, and activities would be suitable and have your group to bring everything to the nursing home. They will be thrilled with this gesture.

Planning on the themes mentioned above will not take much effort. These ideas will not only brighten up your day but also brighten up the day for other people.

The good deed will surely make you and other people happy. Include some activities and games for the kids and send out love to everyone as we all deserve to be loved. Visit apll.co.uk for gifts and bags for the party.

Create a family tradition with your family

Celebrating Valentine’s day is very different before and after you have a family! I mean romantic dinners are out of the question for the first 5 years or so! Why not then create a Valentine’s family tradition instead. Create love heart shaped chocolates, biscuits or cupcakes with your children or have love themed breakfast every Valentine’s and make heart shaped pancakes, waffles or french toast with your children. Share and express your love for each other by creating a Valentine’s box. Get a shoe box or container and ask each family member to add a gift or ask them to create something and write a note to express their love for each member of the family. As an added task, ask your children to decorate the outside of the box with ribbons, embellishments, stickers or fabric.

Galentine’s Day Brunch

For those who might be single or maybe they have recently split up from their partner and don’t want to feel lonely this Valentine’s, why not have a Galentine’s day with your besties. Set a rose champagne or a prosecco bar and have pretty sweet treats such as cakes, desserts, delicate finger sandwiches and not forgetting heart shaped chocolates to keep the theme running and celebrate love between you and your favourite girls! No need to really dress up but ask your ladies to where pretty pyjamas or cute loungewear and relax, chat and have fun with your besties! Give a parting gift of pink or white macaroons in macaroon boxes or baby pink neapolitan chocolates too so they can eat when they get back home.