Whether you choose their favourite sweets, luscious chocolate, or flowers for them, add a bit of charm to your Valentine’s Day gift for your partner by adorning your gift by adding your personal touch and love to it.

Whether it is a wrapping a large gift or small little gifts, make it your priority to make it that extra special this Valentine’s Day. Deluge your loved ones with a gift or gifts that will be remembered and wrap it in a way that will give them a chance to see your effort for it. However, remember that it doesn’t mean that the wrapping should be done all red. There are numerous different wrapping papers that will make your gift look wonderful.

Valentine’s Boxes

Whether you decide on delicious treats, jewellery, or lingerie, choose beautifully crafted boxes that you can then add that loving and personal touch. The boxes are available in different sizes on our website making it suitable to gifts of all different shapes and sizes. After you have chosen your box, go creative with it. Either go for the classic red and white theme or use the ribbons and washi tape to create a fun customized design.

Personalised tags

You can even personalise your gift with by creating a tag yourself and add a romantic message on it. Use polymer clay to make the tag in any shape you want, like a heart shape would be a great choice. Then personalise it with letter stamps. You can even buy tags from Ashprint London.

Roll It Up

For this, take a plain tube or create one from craft card. On the outside wrap crepe paper or tissue paper so it wraps all way around. Tie one end off and put your gift into the tube from the other end, and then tie the other end as well. Leave the little roll for your partner to find. You can also make a bunch of these if you are planning on gifting multiple things.

Cupid’s Arrow Box

You can make these little heart boxes on your own and put small gifts or notes for your partner. Use craft paint to paint your small box in any shade you like. Cut a paper straw into pieces to make a little arrow and use glue to fix the arrow pieces together and then to the box. Fill the box with some padding and pop your gift inside.

Fabric gift bag

A fabric gift pouch is also a good idea, and it’s easy to make. Choose a fabric you like, cut it to the desired size and fold the corners. After this, create a knot and add a Kraft & Black Tags with Jute String. You can buy it from www.apll.co.uk.

DUY Muslin Bag

Make this by mixing food dye into the water and dipping a muslin bag into the liquid. Let it dry and fill it with candies and tie it up with a Lurex Heart Organza Woven from our website. Put a romantic note onto the ribbon.

Classic Wrap

For this, use brown wrapping paper and ribbons for a more rustic look. Give a personal touch with a lovely tag and a label.

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