If you're planning a bridal shower for your close friend or family, chances are you've been looking into a lot of themes.

A bridal shower is a party every bride will cherish for the rest of her life, and you would want to make it both unique and unforgettable. Although planning a bridal bash can be hard task, how do you throw a shower that'll be remembered by the multi-generational audience? While you want the bridesmaids to be entertained, you don't wish to the bride-to-be's family get offended or have grandma disapprove!

Luckily here are some ideas that'll surely keep everyone happy and content and you can buy decor items for the party from Ashprint London.

Shower - 50s style

How about a retro-style bridal shower? Pick a decade like the 50s and choose the vintage items that'll go with your themes like metallic glassware and crystal vases or vintage tea sets.

Cooking class bridal shower

This theme is suitable for any bride-to-be who is a foodie or loves to be in the kitchen. It's also an excellent idea for a couple's shower. Host your party around a cooking class or hire a chef who'll show you some great recipes that you and your guests will enjoy. You can check some restaurants near you that'll offer cooking classes.

Beach Bonanza

A beach bridal shower is a fancy idea that gives some refreshing and coastal vibes. However a beach bonanza is all about sand and sunshine. Make a colour palette with some choices like aquamarine hues and integrate seashells and starfish.

Urban Monochrome

Planning to host your shower in an accessible downtown location? Go for a monochromatic scheme like all shades of pink or purple. Select signs and décor items like pink ribbons and colourful washi tapes that match your plans for a bright get together.

Fun in your backyard

Paradise can come into your garden. Transform your outdoor space into a relaxed and happy setting for a casual bridal shower evening. Integrate the fun floral arrangements, shining lights, and conventional food. It will be a perfect occasion to give your garden a makeover.

Pyjama Bridal Shower

Weren't slumber parties fun as a little girl? It can be an awesome girls' night in with pizza, drinks, games, candy, and a movie. You either host this at your home or a friend's house for the ultimate chill session; you can even include the option of a spa for a relaxing session.

Destination Bridal Shower

How about a destination bridal shower? For this, keep your guest list on the smaller side and plan a weekend getaway at the beach, vineyard, spa, or wherever you feel like. But, a destination shower is going to be more expensive than a standard shower, so consider your budget and plan the shower and bachelorette party together so the crew won't have to travel for multiple events.

All these themes can be planned at an affordable price and hassle-free. Shop for decorations from our website and get all the high-quality decor items.