Planning a Valentine's Day surprise for your special lady?

You know, deep down, that a small gesture can make her immensely happy. Be it an expensive gift or a homemade Valentine's Day gift – she will appreciate both. The handmade gift will show your time and care you invested in something special rather than just making an impulse buy at the store.

Today's DIY gift ideas are mapped out so you can trail on them but still be a gift-giving hero to her.


Succulents are great for houseplants as they look cute and are easy to care for. Buy the number of plants you want and create the love heart pots for Valentine's Day and surprise her in the sweetest way possible.

Pineapple Wine

Buy her favourite wine bottle and wrap it up with chocolates for Valentine's Day. Why not give her some of her favourite chocolates with the wine too. To help present her wine to her, you can look into presenting it in a wine box. At Ashprint London, we have a wide range of wine boxes to choose from to get that perfect gift.

Valentine's Love Blocks

Wooden blocks are not just toys but can even be turned into a romantic showpiece. Use these fantastic craft pieces and paint them. These distressed 'L.O.V.E' blocks for a stunning country feel.

Heart Windchimes

Want to do something creative? You can make the heart wind chimes for your special lady. Wind chimes are not only cute, but these handmade will show a creative side of yours. Add a love letter and some candies for sweetness.

Candy Valentine Bouquet

Flowers and chocolates or sweets is a none sure fired way to get to her heart! This DIY Valentine's Day gift will surely be one of her favourites. Choose a hidden vase and fill it with roses surrounded by sweet mint hearts from apll.co.uk, which makes a stunning visual arrangement.

Flower Pot using tape

If you are not artistic enough, then use some washi tapes from our website to decorate a pot in your way. This plant pot will make a great DIY substitute and adds a bright splash of colour to any room.

Date night Ideas Jar

Wouldn't hand-written ideas for a date night be good to pick out every week? It can be a surprise for both of you too! Give her a jar of date night ideas and she will be thrilled with your efforts. You'll always have something new to try and you'll never run out of ideas.

Visit Ashprint and get hold of numerous items that you can use to prepare a lovely DIY gift for your lady.