Applying ribbons to hair used to be a pretty addition especially in school in the sixties and seventies. Ribbons were used to tie in the ponytail and braid all the time, which was cute. But, since then, you barely have noticed ribbons in hair.

The reason could be that it is considered old-fashioned, but as the latest trends speak, Ribbons are in fashion in a big way! Ribbons have made a comeback and you can use them in multiple ways in your hair. Here, we'll tell you how you can use the ribbons elegantly and stylishly for your daily hair.

Pretty Halo Braid

The halo braid is beautiful on its own but twist in organza ribbon right through the style will surely make it is a hit. This isn't the simplest style to understand, but once you get comfortable, your braiding options are countless.

Bun Topper

If you are more into buns, then have no fear as you can still style up a bun or braid bun with a beautiful bow. This will look great when fixing up a workout or post-dance class bun in a pinch.

Ribbon Headband

A long strand of ribbon as a ribbon headband that can be tied around your head is pretty but let's be realistic - ribbon slips easily and nobody wants to be fiddling with their hair all day. If you're going to keep the fabric in place - paste a strand of ribbon to a primary plastic headband for more comfort and tie it mutually at the bottom.

Tie it around your head like a hairband

This is the quickest and easiest way to use any type of ribbon. Take the ribbon of your choice like grosgrain ribbon and place it as a hairband on top of your head and fasten it at the back below your hair. This is the simplest way to amp up your look without paying a fortune.

Wrap it around the half updo in a bow

If you are a half updo kind of person, spice it up by affixing a ribbon. Make a primary knot or go for an intricate one, whatever you feel satisfied with and it will work great for your hairstyle. A short and thick ribbon should be your choice for the ribbon. If you are utilising a thin strand of ribbon, ensure you use a smaller one that doesn't make it look absurd.

Curled Ribbon

For a full and unkempt version of the classic half-up and half-down look, try the style that first curls all hair, then turn the extracted up segment into a fishtail. To support the satin ribbons blend into this curled, curl the ribbon.

Bow Tied High Pony

If you want to take the high pony hairstyle up a notch, enhance from half up to fully up and a mini bow to a big bow. If you want this look, make sure to have the ribbon tails long and flowing for a careless touch.

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