Planning to put a beautiful wreath on your door this Christmas?

Whether you are looking to buy a new one or make your own DIY festive wreath, we have some lovely wreath ideas here that will help your door look very festive and filled with lots of holiday spirit.

There's a wreath for every style —be it a fun, wreath made out of baubles to traditional deep green foliage with red berries and holly, highland plaids, coastal seashells, Christmas ribbon wreaths there are sure to be a Christmas wreath style that will suit you.

Some of the wreath ideas can even work as decor for the whole year, and you can keep the stylish festivities even past Christmas.

Paper Wreath

This wreath is simple, and even the kids can make it. For this, cut out a large circle of green construction paper. Then cut out a small circle in the middle to make a wreath shape. Use the dots of glue and attach a few embellishments around the wreath to look like berries and add a silver or red berries and leaves spray to add a touch to it to one side of the wreath to finish it off.

Bow Wreath

Add beautiful big bows and turn into a cheerful wreath, attach a loop of floral wire around a 16" Styrofoam wreath and then use satin bows or create your own large bows using hessian wired ribbon from Ashprint London to the front and sides of the foam. Keep it jovial with a classic red/green/gold combo or silver mix and add blues such as powder blue for a wintry look.

Berry Wreath

A very popular wreath that uses evergreen foliage with beautiful winter berries such as holly to give a stunning design in front your door. Create this using foliage from your local florist or make this yourself taking an ordinary polystyrene wreath as your base to make a decorative wreath using materials such as sprays of wheat stalks, some pretty Christmas ribbons, and a few artificial berries like cones and berries spray. Use gold and silver bells or baubles for decor.

Shiny Bright Wreath

For this bright and bold look, wrap a Styrofoam wreath foam with silver or gold lurex ribbon. Use green pins to put together different shapes and sizes of ornaments. Cover the 16-inch form with various ornaments of your choice.

Up-cycled Scarf Wreath

Thinking of using a more sustainable style this year, so why not collect one or a couple of scarves to fashion a vivacious wreath that captures your style. Wrap the scarves around a foam base and tie them in style, so the ends hang long.

Frosty Wreath

Use matte spray paint to cover small branches or sticks, acorns, and pinecones as holiday decor. Use hot-glue twigs in star shapes to make it three-dimensional pop out wreath.

Colourful Wreath

Skip the traditional scarlet and put a fresh spin on the nomadic palette. Also, tuck in glittery accents like glittery ornaments and star-shaped baubles for decor.

Apll.co.uk has numerous Christmas decor items like berries and ribbons and other Christmas embellishments which can help you indulge in making some DIY wreath this year. You can even use them year-long, and they’ll add a colourful decor for your door.