Summer wedding season is here so naturally we wanted to highlight all things wedding. Although couples celebrate their nuptials any time of the year, the summer is certainly the busiest. We caught up with some of our staff at Ashprint London to discover what their favourite wedding season products are.





We asked Mira, our Product Buyer what’s her top pick wedding product:



“I really love our fabric hand fans as it’s perfect wedding favour gift. Leave it on the chair at the wedding ceremony, leave the wedding hand fans in a pretty basket at the entrance or leave the fan on each place setting at the wedding reception. I also love the fact that it’s a wedding favour that is so useful afterwards as I can then leave it in my bag in those warm summer days and is a staple in my luggage when I go on holiday.”



“I do love our fans and have to confess that I have 3 colours at home! I have a white hand fan which is perfect for any occasion, a gold hand fan that was given to me at a recent wedding and I have a black hand fan that suits any outfit for when I go on my holiday break.”



AJ, our sales director, shared his views on what’s trending this season.



“Our confectionery is certainly very popular at the moment. We all seem to have a sweet tooth and anything chocolate is certainly what our customers like to give at weddings!”





“Coppers and pinks tones continue to be trending at the moment in all areas of confectionery such as our heart shaped chocolates as brides are using softer shades and florals as part of their wedding themes. However, gold, silver and red colours continue to be popular as ever as these classic colours never go out of style. For small favour boxes, mini heart chocolate dragees, which are heart shaped sugar-coated chocolates are growing in popularity as they are available in a good range of colours. These wedding chocolates are popular in shades of white, ivory as well as pastels such as pink. And we can’t forget traditional confectionery such as sugared almonds which are certainly still an important option for couples and in other important celebrations.”



We then approached Emilia, who is our website and marketing executive and asked her what she thought was her top pick for this wedding season.



“We’ve definitely seen more couples wanting to add their personal stamp to their celebrations. Wedding favours are certainly getting more creative as couples are choosing slightly different things such cupcakes, personalised cookies or even macaroons in macaroon boxes placed at wedding tables or place settings. There has certainly been a growing trend for macaroons in general being served at hotel afternoon teas, coffee shops and cafes. Bakers and patisseries have really been having fun with macaroons as there has been a burst of different flavours and colour shades making macaroons so appealing to wedding couples. We’ve definitely seen a surge in demand for our antique white macaroon boxes for weddings because of this growing trend, so this is my top pick!”



Last up is Anj who is in our warehouse department and loves all things wedding! She was very enthusiastic on her views about her favourite products.



“There are so many wedding products that we stock but I really do love our artificial foam flowers at the moment. Our foam roses are really pretty and so life like and can totally see why they are so popular with our customers. They’re used in bouquets, centrepieces and for buttonholes.”



“Ever since we first started seeing flower walls used as display areas at weddings, our artificial foam flowers have been popular. I’ve also seen our foam flowers tied together with hessian string and attached to the pews along the aisle and also used simply as a bunch tied together as a centrepiece. Brides like decorating with them as they can prepare their own wedding decorations well in advance and it doesn’t eat too much up into the wedding budget.”



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