Do you want to help plan a fun original party with your son or daughter that isn’t norm?





Well, then this article is for you?



We know that a teen party can be a tricky thing to pull off successfully! For an adult party, normally music, a comprehensive cocktail list, food or small bites, a couple of wine boxes or bottles of prosecco are enough for a party.



So, what can you do?



Have that chat with your son or daughter about the themes they want. A pizza or movie night might be fine but a bit dull but if they are willing, try something that’s a little different. Help create those fun memories for them with their friends. It doesn’t as always need to be expensive, there are many things you can do to make your son or daughter’s party affordable like creating simple decorations or make your own birthday cake.



Take a look at some interesting ideas!



Organise a themed dance-off



Ask your son or daughter to create a playlist of hit songs and ask them to ask their friends to bring fun clothes or props for a dance party. Set up a tripod so that they can place a smartphone on it to record the dance fun. If dancing is not their thing, then maybe ask them to bring their instruments and create a band. Might get noisy in your house but they will have fun creating and recording fun memories. Decorate your home very simply with streamers or ribbons and attach using craft foam pads to give a fun colourful party look.



Create a casino themed party



Bring the joy of roulette or blackjack to your living room by purchasing plastic poker chips, small roulette table and set up the games and the decorations around your home. However, you may need to ask someone else or you may yourself have to be the dealer for black jack!



Plan a fun cryptic treasure hunt



Planning a treasure hunt can be difficult but if you take some time and create some cryptic clues and place around the house it can be fun for them. It would be even more fun if you are able to create a treasure hunt that covers your garden or street. Maybe even get your neighbours involved! Hopefully they will enjoy this, just make sure the ‘treasure’ is good! If creating clues is too much, then maybe create a scavenger hunt instead and get them to take pics from their phone when each item is found from the list.



A pizza party is fun!



Purchase ready-made pizza dough for those coming and set out a mixture of pizza toppings. You can even add some surprising toppings of your choice. You can do a competition between the friends and see who creates the tastiest pizza.



Slumber party



Your teen may want a slumber party which is easy enough to do but they may want a fun element to it when spending time with their close friends. There are numerous ideas and affordable things you can do to make this birthday a memorable event of the year for them. For girls, a glamp tent style glam makeover slumber party is a fun suggestion. Set out mini manicure, pedicure and facial kits. Add pretty twinkle lights, or pretty pom pom coloured bunting to dress it up as pretty decorations for the room.



For boys, gaming tournament events or a movie slumber night with pizza and snacks could be all you need.



These fun ideas will surely make your teen a star among their friends.